Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has been the leader in medical innovation for over 100 years. They provide life-saving care to patients with difficult cases and are committed to providing research that benefits all people around the world!

The Mayo clinic is a powerhouse when it comes to healthcare, they have more doctors who specialize than any other hospital or practice combined! Their researchers strive towards making their treatments accessible across borders so everyone can enjoy leading practices like these.

Giving to Mayo Clinic

Support COVID-19 research at Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is on the front line of COVID-19 research. Your gift will help accelerate vaccine development, gene therapies and new treatments that can expand knowledge about this disease while saving lives at the same time.

Our Priorities

Health care needs philanthropy more than ever before because it’s undergoing a transformation like never before! More generous benefactors have the power now than ever before – due partly in part to today’s increased rates of unemployment, poverty levels reaching historic highs and high-deductible health insurance plans being adopted nationwide – our country can only provide so much support during these trying.

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