Where To Donate Toys In Nj

Where To Donate Toys In Nj When you organize your home

10 Places to Donate Gently Used Children’s Toys

Call around to find out who accepts donations , then drop off your items. Any time of the year is a good time to give toys, but around the holiday season toy donations are sorely needed. Check with local charities and organizations in your area. Preschools, nurseries, and daycare centers often need gently used toys.

  • Having a stuffed toy to cuddle can help children to feel safe during times like natural disasters or during an ambulance ride, for example.
  • Goodwill accepts a number of gently-used items for their retail locations.
  • Specify what minimum age the toys are meant for as well, so that little toys that are choking hazards don’t get into the hands of kids that are too young to have them.
  • Domestic violence shelters act as temporary housing while parents work to set up a safe living situation away from their abuser.
  • Check with your local doctor’s office to see what its needs are.

When you organize your home, your unwanted clothing, toys, books, blankets and other household items can actually make a positive impact on your New Jersey community. Donate a teddy bear for a child to cuddle up to at night. Donate a floppy-eared bunny to make naptime more comfortable. Donate a set of dolls for girls to play dress-up and pretend.

Where Can I Donate Clothes, Furniture, Books and Other Household Goods in New Jersey?

Items which are collected are either reused or recycled, helping to save on landfill space and protect the environment. If you have some old games, toys or consoles that you no longer use then consider donating them! Leave bags or boxes of your donated items outside your house on the designated day. Please label your items “VVA Donation Pickup” so our driver will know what to pick up. Another site where you can donate stuff to people nearby is Craigslist. Sure, the site is mostly known as a place to buy and sell stuff.

Second Chance Toys is helping us save our planet by rescuing and recycling plastic toys so that they don’t pile up in landfills. The toys MUST be plastic, clean, have functioning batteries , and no small or missing parts. Collections take place now through mid-December for the holidays. Second Chance Toys is an awesome organization that exists to provide toys to kids in low-income households, particularly the ones living at or below the poverty level. You can donate any plastic toy that has all of its parts and batteries.

Which charities accept my stuffed animal donations?

Either way, the toys will be helping people in your community. As an extra incentive, you can donate toys to a qualifying charity or nonprofit group and deduct the items on your taxes. Police officers and firefighters often carry small toys, usually stuffed animals, to comfort scared and injured children on the scene. And local departments generally look to the public for donations to provide this service.

You’ll be giving a family a low-cost toy and you’ll be helping to fund important programs near you that help the needy. If the store already has a surplus of toys, it might not accept your donation, but just give them a call to ask. Here are the best places to donate your children’s gently-used playthings.