Where To Donate Pianos

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If your piano does not meet the criteria for a donation, you can recycle it. You can recover the wood, cast iron, steel wire, and the piano’s screws. If you find one, you may have to transport the piano to the recycler’s location, so it is vital to find a local transfer station.

Limited-edition ‘Imagine’ grand piano donated to Popular Music Program – ASU News Now

Limited-edition ‘Imagine’ grand piano donated to Popular Music Program.

Posted: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

But there may come a time when no one in your family wants to play the piano, and you are left with a piece of equipment that occupies space in your home and collects dust. Thus, even when the seller is willing to give away the piano, it still can cost a recipient $1,000–$2,000 to accept it. If you were planning on donating the piano to a school, it would be classed as a restricted donation because you intend it to be used by the students at that school. Sometimes the people you are donating too will already have a purpose in mind when they receive the piano, but you can still specify what you would like as well.

How do I sell my piano player?

The Piano Donation Project experts can determine if your piano is a good fit for our program. It helps if you call us before you get into an urgent situation. You ask them to pay for the move of the piano, but when they go to sell it, the piano is worth less than the cost of the move. You may have time and space limitations you need to take into consideration.

LoadUp offers nationwide junk removal services in 50 states across the country. Even though ReStores mainly want donations of building materials, furniture, and appliances, some accept pianos. However, since not all ReStores will want a piano, you’ll need to call your local branch before dropping off or scheduling a pickup. If you want a guarantee that your piano stays in your community, contact local musical schools, public schools, and community centers to see if they have a need. You can visit their donation page and fill out basic info on your piano to see if they’ll accept it.

PianoMart.com is a related site with all the same listings as PianoBuyer.com. When a piano is listed on one of these sites, it automatically appears on both. A basic listing is free; premium listings, including a custom-designed banner ad on PianoBuyer.com, are available for an extra fee. You pay a 3% commission on sale if you sell through the site. After reading the article and referencing the tables, you may be able to place the value of your piano within a reasonable range.

Steel wire, copper, and hardware can all be recycled in a variety of ways. Finding out where to ship the piano’s various pieces for recycling, on the other hand, can take some time. Getting a piano donated to a church, similar to Senior Centers, is a fantastic method to try out. Are you able to transport the piano yourself, or do you need to hire someone to do so? It may be more difficult for a music teacher or local group to move the piano themselves when you reach out to them. Music stores may be better equipped to handle this on their own.

If you need piano storage services, we are here to help. Donating a piano is a way to share the love of music with others while giving back and getting a tax deduction. All eligible keyboards will be examined by a staff member of Piano Cleveland before the donation is accepted.