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But it also has a section just for free stuff. In this section, people can give away and get items for free. So you could list your books for free on the site. You can donate used magazines to a charitable organization, a school, a community group, a hospital or lib…

Local theaters and museums sometimes use books, particularly historical ones, as props during performances or in exhibits. So you may want to get in touch with local theaters and museums to see if they’d like any book donations. Ever wondered, “Can I donate books to my local library? With Better World Books, you can find a drop box location near you and donate your books today. Just enter your current location, like your city, address or zip code and you can find your nearest location.

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Habitat for Humanity Building a Quarter Mile in Owensboro.

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Give them to local shelters (e.g. homeless shelters, women and children centers). Donate them to local education facilities (e.g. day cares, schools and libraries). Without further ado, below are 12 different ways to give your magazines new life without recycling them.

Should I throw out old magazines?

Three ways to donate used furniture and other household goods without leaving your house. There’s NO excuse to not be recycling at home, at least a little bit. Here are easy ways to recycle without procrastination. Give them to any practitioner of yours that has a waiting room (e.g. hospital, doctor, dentist, massage therapist, spa).

  • You see them lurking in the corner…a pile of perfectly good magazines in great shape but never opened.
  • The site sells donated books online to help raise funds for non-profit literacy organizations.
  • Books for Soldiers allows magazine donations.

Before you give away any of your old magazines , make sure you remove or mark through the address labels that are on them, so others don’t see your name and address. For magazines, you don ’t need to remove anything from inside the magazine, such as staples, the cardstock ads or even perfume samples. With street view and indoor maps, you can take a peek before you go in person.

where can i donate magazines near me

Pickup Please is a donation pickup service that will collect your used books right from your home to help The Vietnam Veterans of America. The Veterans of America sells your donated books to private companies by annual bid that generates funding to support the programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Reader to Reader’s book donation program has donated millions of books to schools and public libraries, including those in low-income areas.

The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is an awesome book gifting program that mails free books to children from all over the country. Schedule a donation pickup online with our easy to use scheduling form. In addition, letting someone else read the magazines is eco-friendly to boot!