Where To Donate Old Car Seats

Where to Donate a Car Seat: Your Best Bet for 2022

There are several reputable online stores that buy and sell baby strollers, e.g. Target.com, ebay.com, and Goodbuygear.com. You can post an online ad if you want to sell your used stroller.

  • In 2016, Target officially became the first retailer to hold a car seat trade-in event.
  • You can find the latest recalls atNHTSA.gov/recalls or sign up for recall alerts on your mobile.
  • The first and the most obvious reason is, when a toddler is above a certain age then a stroller is of no use for him/her.

This is usually located along the sides or at the base of the car sear. If you cannot find the expiration date, check the manufacture date. Car seats typically expire six years after that date.

Target Stores are offering recycling between April 5-17, 2021. The plastics recycling market can be turbulent. Please call the location to make sure they are still accepting car seats before you take your seat. These excellent car seat trade in programs do not typically run year round.

These events usually happen once a year so youll want to keep an eye out for future dates. There are currently more than 50 recalled car seat models listed on the NHTSA website. A modern, intact car seat is a child’s best protection in a crash.

Why Do Babies Fall Asleep In Strollers

You’ll pay a fee ranging from $36 to $50, depending on the type of car seat you have. Then, they’ll send you a recycling bag and packing label. When you receive it, all you’ll need to do is pack up your car seat and drop it off at a UPS store. The most obvious place to start is with your family and friends. If you don’t have any friends or family members with small children, post the car seat on your Facebook page and let your friends and family share the post.

Using a car seat correctly is hard enough – don’t compromise your child’s safety even further by using an expired or damaged car seat. There are several reasons you need to get a new car seat for your child. Other reasons could be because it expired, is broken, or you want a new one for your baby. The way to properly dispose of it mainly depends on why you are getting rid of it.

Sadly, many charities dont agree they dont accept used car seats because its hard to be sure about the history of seats and they arent willing to take the risk. Interestingly, since Target launched this program, it has recycled over half a million car seats, and those numbers are only increasing. Also, because of Targets trade-in program, the corporation has recycled over 11.9 million pounds of materials. Thats a vast amount of plastic material that Target has prevented from winding up in landfills. We gratefully accept most baby gear, however occasionally the items we are able to accept change due to inventory and storage concerns.

Is up to date – avoid donating a car seat older than 10 years old. Must be in good condition – before donating, make sure to check if your old car seat is in a terrific condition. Is well-documented – you should know the history of your car seat before donating it to others. If you have a car seat still in excellent condition, that’s within its expiration date, and has never been in an accident, then giving it away is fine. Car seats have expiration dates because their materials can wear down over the years. So, before you donate, check the expiration date on the back of the seat.

Can a seat be recycled?

Any serious accident reported is an immediate disqualification of the safety of the seat. If you are not the original owner, make sure you know the history of it before you donate or trade in. Clearly mark the seat’s shell “Do Not Use.”. There are tons of great places to donate a stroller. You can try Goodwill, local charities, VVA, and free groups. To see if there’s a local chapter available to you, visit Freecycle and search for your town.

A nonexpired date ensures that your seat meets the most up-to-date safety regulations. And the expiration date is important to note when considering the structural integrity of the seat’s components. Walmart announced they are accepting used car seats for recycling, and in return, you will receive a $30 Walmart gift card.

They expect to divert so much plastic from the used car seats it would be equivalent to about 35 million water bottles! Awesome news for the environment and our landfills. We hope this will be a successful campaign for both companies and become an annual event. Use the interactive tool to help you decide whether it’s safe to reuse that car seat or whether it’s time to retire it altogether.

Please check the top of the page for scheduled dates. We are located at 2939 Kingsway in Vancouver, BC. The first and the most obvious reason is, when a toddler is above a certain age then a stroller is of no use for him/her. After that parents start looking forwhere to donate old strollers. However, a stroller cannot be used for a lifetime. And we often see some parents askingcan you donate a stroller.