Where To Donate Mascara Wands

This Wildlife Organization Wants Your Used Mascara Wands

Thanks to Reddit user marilynbmonroe, the web is abuzz with a surprising—and potentially life-saving—way to repurpose your old mascara wands when you’re done with them. To help you keep up your sustainable habits year-round, Green Matters is hosting a giveaway for a $500 gift card to Lush, a cruelty-free beauty and skincare store with numerous package-free products. Even unflavored Pedialyte can be used temporarily for small animals.

While bronzers and eye shadow palettes might not be reusable, mascara wands are the perfect size for small wild animals. Yep, you can donate your old mascara wands to the Appalachian Wildlife Refugee Wands for Wildlife initiative and help save some furry friends. Actually donating the wands is easy as could be; once your product is ready to be donated, Wands for Wildlife advises you to clean them in warm, soapy water to remove any product and residue from the wands. Along with the form on their website, you can ship the wands to Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, who will either use it in their own facility or donate it to other organizations who work with animals in need. We use mascara brushes to help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of animals. They work great because the bristles are so close together," she wrote on Facebook. Unsurprisingly, beauty junkies and animal-lovers everywhere have responded with enthusiasm.

Who is the president of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge?

Check around with several local operations, and even consider if some online efforts that accept shipped goods are a good fit for you to work with. These animal rehabilitation centers have so many ways you can pitch in, and they’re pretty much always appreciative of any help a person has to offer. Ultimately, it all depends on what animals your local center is housing and what they’re in need of. Their wishlists can vary wildly, and it’s important to listen to them and ensure they’re getting what they need most—not what we think they need. For the animals’ health and safety, you have to be very careful choosing which heating pad to use and for how long to use it. But shelters and wildlife rehab centers should be able to discern if what you have is the right fit for their animals—just call and ask.

  • Keep your old mascara wands and clean them so you can donate them in October or February.
  • It’s anticipated that the new facility will treat over 2,000 animals within the first year of opening, so they can use all of the brushes they can get.
  • If you’re interested in donating old wands, send them to Wands for Wildlife.
  • B positive patients can receive blood from B positive, B negative, O positive and O negative donors.
  • (Typically, the more a donor weighs, the more plasma can be collected and the longer an appointment takes.) But at most donation centers, compensation is around $50 to $75 per appointment.

To date, they have received more than 11,400 wands, and have just started a ‘Wands for Wildlife’ program where the public can send in their donations. All the funds go towards helping the animals and supporting the wildlife rehabilitation network. For sanitary reasons, most organizations can’t accept it as a donation, even if you only used it one time.

Today, organ donation after circulatory death has increased the donation of life-saving organs; mostly kidneys, livers and pancreas. Thanks to advances in research and technology, we are now also able to transplant lungs and hearts using the DCD pathway to donation. If you’re in need of a new mascara wand, don’t throw the old one away. If you’re located in Canada, there’s a similar program called Project Wild Wands Canada that will help you save a little money on postage.

What do you do with old mascara wand tubes?

The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in Western North Carolina works to rehabilitate injured animals using recycled mascara brushes, which are used to clean and care for baby animals in need. If you’re ready to send in your old mascara wands, be sure that they’re ready for use first. Wash wands with warm soap and water, and make sure there’s no mascara left on them. The drive to collect used mascara brushes, named “Wands for Wildlife”, is an effort by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, based in Skyland, North Carolina. The volunteer-run non-profit group collects the wands and uses them to clean the animals they care for.

But before mailing them, make sure to wash the wands in warm soapy water to remove residual mascara. ​And then mail the old wands inside a Ziploc bag with the Recycle Form, and your donations toP.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776.Take note, please check the postage and packaging requirements at your local post office. It’s anticipated that the new facility will treat over 2,000 animals within the first year of opening, so they can use all of the brushes they can get. The Refuge is asking people who are sending old mascara wands their way to help spread the message by using the hashtags #smallbrushbigimpact, #Brushthebugsaway and #AppalachianWild on social media.

Donating Your Old Mascara Wands Can Be A Huge Help For Rescued Animals

Inspiring people to help wildlife and the environment through re-purposing discarded mascara wands. The appeal kicked off when Appalachian Wild’s co-founder took to Facebook to urge the public to send in their old mascara brushes. The pubic turned up in their thousands, and before long, people from 40 different states had flooded the charity with donations. Unsurprisingly, beauty junkies and animal-lovers everywhere have responded with enthusiasm. Her post has since received over 35,000 shares and 7,000 likes. "We are stunned at the outpouring of support," co-founder Kimberly Brewster, who coordinates outreach efforts, said in a press release.

In addition to those items, they’re also asking for donations of used mascara wands that have been cleaned. You see, it turns out that your useless old mascara wands can actually be repurposed to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals, including rabbits, opossums, groundhogs, and more. Before you clean out your makeup bag to make room for new products, consider this great way to put your old mascara wands to good use.