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If your board game is not in the best of conditions to be donated, there are other things you could do with them. Check this article for 15 great tips on what to do with old board games. Family board games are often a part of fun plans for the events and your donation will be greatly useful there. It is not impossible that they would find your board game useful in one of their school campaigns.

Valley educators start GoFundMe to help buy school supplies – KFSN-TV

Valley educators start GoFundMe to help buy school supplies.

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Do you have some basic, easy-to-play board games? Here’s where you can donate them so they can be accessible for little kids. And for the creative family that loves board games?

The Salvation Army offers free pickup for donations, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your board games off. They can borrow toys or even sit and play with them for as long as they want. I am sure many children would be happy to stumble upon an old collection of board games to try out. The average price of a board game is $20 to $45 while some more complex games could reach up to $1000. Most gamers pass down their board games from one generation to another as a family heirloom. However, some decide to throw their old used collection away.

Where do my charitable donations go?

Is your board game in good condition but missing the instruction manual? You can always find one online to print out and staple to the inside of the box. As always, make sure to call ahead and check with your library to see what kind of donations they accept.

  • There are also retirement homes which are like communal areas where residents can meet to spend time together, chat and play games.
  • But like with anything else, it’s a good idea to check beforehand.
  • This provides engaging diversion especially in areas where many languages are spoken.
  • You can even help plan it out to get some newbies hooked.
  • It is not impossible that they would find your board game useful in one of their school campaigns.
  • If they don’t have a game night, they might be tempted to start one if you offer them your board game collection.

They are often referred to as resell charities. Whenever you hear that donating is free, environment-friendly, and tax-deductible, you are possibly a shot away from hitting the rim of your board games giveaway. My area has a no kill animal shelter that runs a thrift store in town. Depending where you are, hospitals can really do with more boardgames. They dont have much budget, most toys and game come through donation .

Where To Donate Board Games — 6 Great Options

Many schools are feeling the effects of budget cuts. This makes it more difficult than ever for them to cater to the needs of their students. Receiving donations for items that are most likely not allocated for in an already-tight budget would be a great help. Firstly, it’s a great idea to see if any local families could use some kid-friendly fun. I’ve found that Facebook community pages are a great way to find local families in need.

They would most likely gladly accept some of your gently pre-loved games. At places like these, patrons can use your board games to play and enjoy. They could even be demos that customers can inspect and experience before buying the game themselves. That’s why I started to dig into great places to donate old family board games once the kids grow out of them. Believe it or not, many organizations would love your old board games. They can pass on the educational benefits and downright-silly fun of board games to kids who need it the most.

There is a game-librarian who teaches people how to play and think through different board games. That could be your closest point of donation while creating a community of game lovers with you there. Not many students create options for cash to buy board games, but they would never discountenance one as a donation from you. You could also consider children in their preschools and nurseries in your local community. You can check with local schools and libraries to see if they run boardgame clubs. Many of these gaming stores host community-open gaming nights at their locations.