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How could i ship free or even reduce shipping cost. Do you have a museum of old bibles. I have a leather bible given to the minister of Rockridge Evangelical Brethren church, Oakland, Calif. in 1939. I would love to donate to a museum if there is one. We do keep the map updated as new drop-off locations become available, but right now it looks like Chester is the closest to you.

The canon law of the Catholic church dictates certain types of religious items such as holy oil and holy water, must be disposed of carefully. I couldn’t not include local homeless ministries. Yes, their primary needs are for food and shelter, and I strongly encourage you to find ways to give generously. But these ministries will often let you donate used Christian books as well, and you might reach someone who would never step into a church building. Simply give them a call to make sure before you drop them off.

The Gideons International continues doing this as you, and other friends who care about lost souls, stand with us in Scripture distribution and witness around the world. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part. Hi, I’m Asheritah, and I want to help you experience deeper intimacy with Jesus in the middle of your busy life. As a welcome gift, I want to offer you a free guide to cultivate consistent time with Jesus and help you grow deeper in your relationship with God. You can also contact your local correctional facility and ask to speak to the chaplain.

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This is a fantastic use of financial resources, and helps ensure more books get to those who hunger for God’s Word. I have several Bibles and study materials.Study Bibles dictionary’s,transliteration , concordances maps and charts. Mostly hard book materials which I cannot afford to mail or ship I am in Orlando Florida, I don’t want them picked up by someone who will not use them. It may be easier, in some ways, to take those old bibles and Christian books down the street to a resale store—or to recycle them.

The people in South Africa like to read the word of God. I thank you for your kind consideration. According to most of their testimonies, more souls have been won and they are now able to do good teachings with the materials.

Last year alone, the American Bible Society impacted 5.1 million people with the message of God’s great eternal love. We ship over 1,500 tons of recycled gospel literature on the mission field every year. Our goal for 2022 is to ship 2,022 tons overseas. I’m checking in to see if you’re still accepting Bibles…I have new and used, along with many other Christian literature books. If there is no drop off location in my area, I would love to become one.

  • Oftentimes they’re more than eager to accept any resources that will help them further evangelize and disciple inmates eager to know more about Jesus.
  • In the meantime I will mail some Bibles along with prayers for recipients.
  • Some of the items could be wine labels, statues, books, postage stamps, medieval manuscripts, among others.
  • Please contact us to let us know how we can get to who would want these.
  • Not only writing books, but reading books.

Discarding an old Christian Bible is a matter of personal conviction. Believers should prayerfully consider the options and do what feels most respectful. If you need to dispose of a Bible, consider donating it to a person or a charity who could use it, like a church or a Christian homeless shelter.

Through your gift, you will help Gideons provide the hope found in Jesus Christ to spiritually hungry men, women, boys, and girls. You can be that someone today with your prayers and generous gift now to provide God’s Word through The Gideons International. Jesus calls us as His servants to be faithful in sowing the seed of His Word, pointing people to Him, and trusting God for the results.

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I’m sure it would not be that much more if you use the Alabama address listed here. We have an Organization namely Blessing Fellowship. We would like to distribute them study Bibles. For this purpose we need large quantities of Study Bibles.

A Concord man bought a steer at the fair to feed those in need. It’s not his only good deed – MLive.com

A Concord man bought a steer at the fair to feed those in need. It’s not his only good deed.

Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 12:30:00 GMT [source]

(How fun is that?!) CRI also accepts a wider assortment of books, including home school textbooks, cookbooks, Christian biographies, and magazines. See their list of acceptable resources here. I did a little research and found several reputable charities that accept new and gently used Christian books, Bibles, Sunday School materials, and more. I recently purchased a home in Largo, Florida. It had been owned by a preacher who died several years ago and his wife who is now in assisted living.

I have 4+ bibles I’d like to donate. We will take any old Bible though and ship it overseas to people that desperately need one. Are you still accepting used Bibles? That will be distributed to Applachian area. We currently have no location to get these books to. Drop off point or truck that comes thru this area that could pick them up.

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I have some in Swedish and Norwegian, and I rather not just throw them out. We don’t have anyone in New Hampshire yet. Closest to you is Perry Hall Family Worship Center in MD. Your best option is probably mail. You can ship them to us at 220 Union St – Butler, IL 62015.

If you have censers, pyxes, cruets and bells, you can donate them to your parish to help facilitate services such as Holy Communions and Consecrations. Usually, parishes encourage donations from members to help equip churches that do not have enough facilities. Most libraries have gift acceptance policies that you may want to familiarise yourself with before sending your donation their way. The Catholic religion has a variety of religious items including rosaries that after some times are discontinued from active use. While some of the rosaries are hand carved like that which was made for King Henry VIII, most of the other rosaries and religious are made of plastic.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you only got email address. When you email I will give you my number. There are quite a few Bibles from a church when they changed their Bibles to another version. Please click on contact us on our website and you can view the map. We sort foreign language bibles to make sure they go to the right distributor. Do you take bibles in different languages?