Where Can I Donate Vhs Tapes

Where Can I Donate Vhs Tapes Are CDs and

Where Can I Donate Vhs Tapes

The inside, on the other hand, is mylar tape, made of No. 1 plastic, which is coated in an assortment of metals that are not so easy to recycle. It’s not that this mylar isn’t inherently reusable, it’s just that no one really wants it. VHS tapes and VCRs are both generally considered e-waste, and there are many e-waste recycling companies out there that will take them off your hands. Earth911 has a wonderful recycling locator that can help you find e-waste recycling companies in your area. Some mainstream stores like Best Buy will accept old electronics for recycling, such as VCRs, though you’ll have to contact your local store to see if it will take VHS tapes as well. If that fails, try GreenDisk, an online e-waste recycling service for VHS tapes, CDs, laptops, or anything old and techy.

At the same time, some municipalities might make exceptions or else have special e-waste recycling days where residents can drop off old VHS tapes or even VCRs. With the rapid evolution of technology we all have recreational media we no longer use. Fortunately, there are lots of worthy causes seeking donations of used DVDs, video games and gaming systems. There are even some good options available for VHS tapes.

  • If you’re not sure if you have a branch near you, you can use the Salvation Army search tool here or even schedule a pick-up if you have many items to donate.
  • There is an additional charge of $0.45 for each additional pound.
  • VHS tapes consist of several different parts and each is difficult to recycle.
  • The technology was developed by Victor Company of Japan in the early 1970s.

Depending on the content and condition of your VHS tapes and audiotapes, they might be worth something to somebody. You might not be aware of it, but people recycle and collect all kinds of things, and that includes VHS tapes. Another company that purchases used media is Vintage Stock, also known as Movie Trading Company, but it appears they do not have an option to sell online. Check their site to see if there is a location in your area. There are recyclingcenters all over the country that accept DVDs and will properly process them to be recycled. You have made the switch completely to DVD, and you have no use anymore for those old VHS movies you have collected over the years.

However, as the years have passed, it’s become quite clear that VHS tapes aren’t going to make a comeback. Instead, they usually end up contributing to clutter – especially if you have an extensive collection. The Goodwill website I linked to noted videotapes and VCRS are accepted.

There are a few recycling centers that still accept VHS tapes so check your local area. Just make sure you call and verify that they are still accepting them before you haul everything over as policies are often changing. If you don’t have any e-waste recycling services in your area, contact your local municipality or sanitation department for more information. In general, most cities do not accept VHS tapes in curbside recycling, but some do.

Where can I Sell my VHS tapes for cash?

There are markets and collectors out there, you just have to find the right one. For all you know, you might have exactly the tape they are looking for. EBay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and other online garage sale websites are great places to post vintage VHS tapes. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of listing and selling your tapes, VHS tapes can also be donated to libraries, thrift stores, and secondhand shops. According to Earth911, VHS tapes are difficult to recycle not because of the outside casing, but the magnetic media inside. The casing on VHS tapes is mostly made of No. 5 plastic or polypropylene, which can be recycled.

Check outthe Great Donate main pagefor more suggestions on what to donate and where. You will save money , free up space, and save so much from going into a landfill. The issue is, I don’t want these big hunks of sentimental, Disney-branded plastic actually screwing up a green pasture. On the other hand, we certainly won’t watch them and they occupy a bunch of space in at least two areas of his house. I am thinking we could probably pick a few that especially speak to our heart and send the rest off to greener pastures. The outside case is made from #5 plastic , which will take centuries to biodegrade or photodegrade .

Are CDs and DVDs Recyclable?

Why are so many places like large pharmacy chains, that distribute millions of bottled prescriptions annually, still using it? I guess I sound ignorant for someone over 60 but my father was disgusted with waste and pollution back in the early 60s. Yet, here we are… on the brink of irreversible effects of climate change.

Of course, there are a lot of variables involved in determining the price of these items. According to GreenCitizen, the condition of the tape, both the external and internal components, will impact price. Other factors include the content and rarity of the tape in question. To get to the black tape, you must pry open the plastic case with a screw driver and remove the tape yourself. Disposing of the black tape is a different story than the plastic case.

Computer data tapes have similar disposal and recycling issues to old plastic VCR tapes. Before recycling or sending tapes off for VHS disposal, you should save that irreplaceable content by converting your VHS tapes to digital format. Eaglesaver.com, a site where you can sell your DVD’s, CD’s, books, and games will let you print a simple prepaid shipping label, ship off, and then get paid by check or PayPal. This makes it a pretty easy way to make some cash off those unwanted DVDs and most of these sites do the same for CDs as well. It may be worth checking several sites as prices tend to vary quite a bit. Depending on the title and condition you could be getting anywhere from $2 to $10 per DVD.