Does Blood Type Matter When Donating A Kidney

Does blood type matter when donating a kidney? Antibodies are the soldiers in your body’s army protecting you from foreign invasions such as viruses. Unfortunately, the antibodies cannot tell the difference between harmful viruses and beneficial transplanted organs. However, when the donor’s blood type is different than yours and there are different antigens being transplanted … Read more

How Long Does A Donated Kidney Last

How Long Can Someone Live After A Kidney Transplant The fiber-optic surgical instruments are inserted through these incisions to perform the operation. This includes a small knife, clamps and a tube with a special camera called a laparoscope, which allows the surgeon to view the internal organs and guide them through the procedure. The doctor … Read more

How To Donate Car To Kidney Foundation

Charitable Car Donation Utah Utah Car Donation Once a car is donated, it is sold through auction to recyclers and dealers. The National Kidney Foundation sells each car in a competitive bidding environment, offered to thousands of buyers who may recondition your vehicle, or recycle it for its most valuable use. Many donated vehicles that … Read more

Can You Donate A Kidney If You Have Herpes

Who can be a living kidney donor? National Kidney Foundation Antigen testing detects the presence of viral antigens in bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, semen, vaginal secretions, cerebrospinal fluid, tears, and breast milk. This type of test includes fluorescent antibody staining, radioimmunoassay, and enzyme immunoassay. There are several rare types of eyesight issues such … Read more

How Much Money Do You Get For Donating A Kidney

How To Donate Kidney And Get Money In India However, some living donors have reported either having difficulty getting life insurance or facing higher premiums for life insurance. In such cases, it may be necessary for transplant centers to inform the insurance carrier of existing data that report that the patient is not at increased … Read more