How To Donate Halloween Candy

6 sweet ways to donate unwanted Halloween candy to a good cause While Halloween treats are in the house, limiting sugar in other forms is important to avoid a sugar overload. There’s more saliva in your mouth to wash away bacteria when you’re eating, so make Halloween treats dessert rather than a stand-alone snack. Pregnancy … Read more

How To Donate Candy To Soldiers

How To Donate Halloween Candy To Soldiers Overseas CBS Boston A Halloween Candy collection program with local businesses. Generally, dental offices, agree to accept excess Halloween candy from kids in exchange for goodies. This program encourages people to send in candies, goodies, cards, and more to military members overseas. These care packages help brighten troops’ … Read more

Where Can I Donate Candy

Where To Donate Candy 2021 A proud mother of two young boys, Robertson struggled with finding a solution to the piles of candy that her two sons collected while trick-or-treating. Halloween candy is no longer something most people are looking to buy. So it gets put on clearance sale to make room on the shelves … Read more