How To Stop Sierra Club Monthly Donation

Donation Sierra Club Online Store As a grassroots-based organization, we rely on individuals for our resources, talent, and energy. … Contributions gifts and dues to Sierra Club are not tax deductible they support our effective citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts. To cancel with Sierra Club directly send them an email with your request at . … Read more

Exchange Club Donations

Exchange Club CAP Center Strengthening Families and Breaking Cycles Some projects include P.A.D.S. Project, Meals on Wheels, and Keeping Kids Safe Program. Visit our community service page for a full list of projects. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will help us to continue to provide FREE community based parenting classes, FREE in-home parenting/ support … Read more

Lions Club Eyeglass Donation Illinois

Donations of Eyeglasses Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center Everyday, our recycled eyeglass programs do all of this and more. Eyeglass/hearing aid collections are done through the Lions Clubs to benefit areas of the world that may not have access to eye sight testing or eyeglass supplies. The recycled items help fund programs and services through which … Read more

Are Rotary Club Donations Tax Deductible

Donate Rotary International ADL’s most recent Audit of Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States recorded 1,879 acts in 2018, with a dramatic increase in physical assaults, including the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history. A wave of anti-Semitic robocalls targeted Jewish schools, JCCs and synagogues, and a significant number of incidents occurred at K-12 … Read more