Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar

Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar

Introducing a festive advent calendar without the sugar high! It’s an advent calendar that’s all about music, fun episodes suited for the season, AND a bonus secret message from Santa himself! We are so excited to give our Super Simple fam this free printable advent calendar – all you need is your smartphone to scan the QR codes each day to countdown to Christmas!

Download and print the Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar!

Here’s how it works!

Print out the advent calendar – the calendar is two pages that you’ll tape together to make one big piece of paper once it’s printed. Hang it in a place you’ll see every day so you don’t forget to count down (it’s also a lovely decoration!), somewhere like the fridge is perfect! On each day in December, scan the respective QR codes using your smartphone to view a special video from Super Simple that helps celebrate the season. But that’s not all! Below each video, you’ll find a few secret letters in the video description. It will look like this: 

Santa’s Secret Message: TH

Collect the letters to discover a message from Santa using the Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar!

Write down those letters each day at the bottom of your advent calendar as you countdown to Christmas and a secret message from Santa will be revealed on the big day! Santa spoke to us on the Super Simple smartphone, and he really wanted to make sure his secret message was shared, so even if you can’t scan the QR codes and follow along with the advent calendar, we’ll be sharing his secret message on our Facebook and Instagram at Christmas time! We hope you have so much festive fun with this advent calendar – maybe it will be a whole new Christmas tradition for your family! 

Download and print the Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar!

We’re wishing you the warmest, coziest, happiest Christmas yet, Super Simple fam! Enjoy the season.

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