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Step Up for Students


Step Up For Students is an organization that empowers families to pursue the most appropriate learning options for their children, which are not always available due to a lack of information and financial resources. By pursuing this mission, Step Up For Students helps public education fulfill its promise of equal opportunity by providing educational opportunities those without these valuable tools may never have access too.

Scholarships for Private School

With a Step Up For Students Scholarship, your student now has more school options. The Florida Tax Credit and Family Empowerment Scholarships give families the choice to either help them pay for private schooling tuition or transportation costs so that their child can attend public schools different from what they are assigned in order to find better fit academically.

What We do

The Florida Voice for Choices (formerly known as FLAVC) is an organization that supports and defends the right to choose a school environment appropriate for each student. They work with families, communities, schools and organizations to help them find what works best for their needs whether it’s homeschooling or private education in order provide students with all of the options available so they can make informed decisions when deciding on which educational path will be most beneficial.

The Florida Voice For Choice has existed since 1996 under different names but always providing resources necessary before making any major decision about your child’s future academic experience such as homeschooling vs public/charter etc… The FVC consists of people who have experienced either side first hand and know how important.

Tax-Credited Contributions

If you live in Florida, there’s no better way to help out than by donating a dollar for the chance that it will turn into two. The state of Florida offers up an opportunity for citizens and businesses alike to earn tax credits while giving back. For every one-dollar donation made through its program called “Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program,” the donor receives a credit worth $1 on their taxes at any time during the year they donated or when filing next April 15th . This means donors can be rewarded with money from twice as much charitable donations all without paying more in taxes!

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