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Idolo was killed in Italy, in the landing at Anzio, a scant fifty miles from the family’s home town, San Donato, where his mother was then living. I vaguely remember his joyful homecoming, for I was four years old at the time. From left to right Maria, Armida, Cesidia, and Ideale Olinda, Antonetta, and Donata. My mother, Maria Salvucci, at the age of 2 and the drawing my grandfather drew of her, based on that photo, while serving in the Italian Army in 1917 during World War I.

The western facade, where is the main entrance of the church, is flat, and its simplicity contrasts with the other facade, oriented towards the San Donato Canal, which offers an architectural ensemble enriched with Byzantine columns. In the 18th century, the church was redecorated in Baroque style and later, between 1858 and 1873, a return to its original style was attempted. This development of the building was condemned by several voices, because the result was a hybrid between the 12th century style and the later one. He also was a Spiritual student of Cornelius, bishop of Imola, Italy. Having become too dangerous for the Empire, Saint Donato was beheaded by Julian. During the following centuries, his remains were moved several times from the original tomb.

  • Saint Donato poured the remained wine in the chalice and this drove the pagans to convert themselves immediately.
  • With the coming of World War II economic conditions improved, but other problems emerged to trouble the family.
  • In 2001, when the family was disposing of my grandparents former residence at 34 Kenrick Street in Brighton , I asked if I could take charge of the family photos.
  • The Church of Santa Maria e San DonatoIf you plan on making a trip to Venice and wish to venerate the relics of the saints—especially on some of the islands—then I recommend planning at least 2 days.
  • Thanks to his capacity for dialogue and persuasion, Donato devoted himself mainly to the conversion of the pagans and his spiritual path also led him to perform miracles.
  • A large silver reliquary bust of Donatus from the 13th century is now found in the National Museum at Naples.

It takes a while for the boats to get from one island to another, so plan at least one day to visit some of the ‘lagoons’. St. Donato drew its name from the town of San Donato Val di Comino, Italy, from which many of the residents of the Overbrook-Haddington area had immigrated. The parish celebrates the feast of St. Donato and of St. Frances X. Cabrini on the first Sunday of June. Fattoria San Donato is a small medieval village, found amongst the hills of San Gimignano in the Tuscan countryside. It originates on the pilgrim routeLa Via Francigena,around a romanesque church. One day, saying mass, when the wine was being poured, a large group of pagans entered the church and poured out the chalice which crushed.

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Fattoria San Donato is a small medieval borgo surrounded by the green hills of San Gimignano of which one can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view. San Donato is the perfect place if you are looking to trade the chaos and fast pace of everyday life with relax, peace and quiet. You will be surrounded by nature in a typical and authentic Tuscan Borgo, with good wine and good food at your fingertips. He ran away from Rome following the persecutions carried out by his fellow student who had become Emperor in the meantime and he settled in Arezzo. Here, after a few years, he succeeded Satiro, the first Bishop of Arezzo. Thanks to his capacity for dialogue and persuasion, Donato devoted himself mainly to the conversion of the pagans and his spiritual path also led him to perform miracles.

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There are valleys and towns in Chianti that will capture your fantasy, expose you to stunning landscapes and offer you the best of the warm and welcoming Tuscan hospitality. San Donato in Poggio is definitely one of these wonderful little places. The town has maintained much of its classical medieval architecture and has incorporated delicious restaurants, charming B&B accommodations and hosts several fun events. Later the two eldest boys emigrated to America as teenagers in the late 1930s, living with my grandparents. The youngest son Tamo, who remained in Italy, eventually married his first cousin, Pompea, daughter of Donato and Loreta DiBona, my grandmother’s younger sister. They emigrated to the states in the early 1950s, while the rest of the DiBona clan came over about 1955.

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So Bill this is Idolo Sacchetti I’ve been meaning to mention to you about the photo of my grandparents with my uncle Frank and Idolo. The person wearing what looks like a dress I’m pretty sure was my Aunt Josephina who died at the age of around 3 or 4 and my grandmother might have been pregnant at that time. My grandparents left Chester a year and a half after my father was born.

Today some of these are located in the Cathedral of Arezzo, in the Ark of Saint Donato, which is a Fourteenth century valuable and refined marble work. Donatus was ordained a deacon and priest by Saint Satyrus of Arezzo, bishop of that city, and continued to preach in the city and in the surrounding region. At the death of Satyrus, Donatus was appointed a bishop by Pope Julius I. A man named Anthimus was Donatus’ deacon. The historian Max Brod located a message sent by the British Red Cross on May 16, 1945, according to which M.M. Was clubbed to death by a German soldier, shortly after being detained. The romantic rooms, delicious breakfast, and gorgeous views of the countryside from B&B Palazzo Malaspina is the perfect location for exploring Tuscany.

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In San Donato Val Comino more than two dozen people, mostly foreign nationals residing in Florence, were forced to find residence and to check in to the police twice a day. The internment ended when on April 6, 1944, German soldiers took 16 of those interned out of town and to Auschwitz. The youngest internee, age 2, hid with the Cardarelli family until her parents who had escaped a month or two earlier came to retrieve her. With the coming of World War II economic conditions improved, but other problems emerged to trouble the family. Two of its young men, my grandmother’s nephew Idolo Sacchetti, who lived with my grandparents, and my Uncle Ideale were drafted into the army.

My grandfather described the family farmstead as consisting of a six room house on a small parcel of land upon which the occupants grew olives, figs, grapes, wheat, corn and potatoes. My grandfather Loreto was educated in the local elementary schools, completing just three grades. Pietro, incidentally, had served in the Italian army in the mid-1890s.

Donato, the younger brother, who came to the States in 1900, almost immediately sent for his family. An immigrant remittance sent to my grandmother by my grandfather via the Cunard line in 1923, the year before Pietro and Loreto brought their families to the United States. These immigrant remittances were a great boon to the Italian economy. My grandfather Loreto was only nine when in 1905 the Salvucci family moved into town from their farm in the countryside.