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The truth is, there’s not much to a piano that’s worth it in terms of raw materials. A lot of folks wish and hope that if they can’t sell the piano, they can sell it for scrap. If you do want to check, find the brand and model of your piano and do some searching.

Make sure that you are honest in your evaluation, though, because many companies will charge you for their trip if they arrive and find they are unable to accept your donation after all. An out-of-tune piano is probably not going to make people shy away from your donation. But make sure you let them know if your piano is more “out of tune” than it is “in tune”. You might be able to still donate your piano if only a few keys stick, but it depends on whether or not a nonprofit is willing – or has the funds – to repair it. When you first purchased your piano, the idea sounded like music to your ears. Am reading this fantastic educational article here at my residence.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of An Old Piano?

With piano disposal and general junk removal rates at 20-30% less than average, LoadUp offers a cheaper service without compromising on quality or professionalism. Another thing to consider is whether or not the junk removal company is going to give you a fair price. Unlike most other junk removal companies, LoadUp doesn’t require an on-site visit to provide you with a quote. As a leader of the industry, we have revolutionized junk removal by providing our customers with exceptional, honest, transparent service.

College’s unique status gained with gift – News – Illinois State – Illinois State University News

College’s unique status gained with gift – News – Illinois State.

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Does anybody have an experience on piano donation with this foundation? If so, please share your experience since I believe this foundation does good things for community. Since we are a duly registered 501 non-profit organization, you will receive documentation of your piano donation for your tax records. – Habitat for Humanity will accept pianos in most cases. Because you’re dealing with an organization, they won’t always deal with pianos in poor condition.

What Can I Do With An Old Piano?

Value greatly depends on condition and the make of the piano.

  • Piano playing and music skills in general is also one of those things that don’t go away as you get older.
  • There may be a variety of local organizations involved with music, including school music departments, youth clubs, nursing homes, charities, and churches .
  • The chances of having an antique style of piano worth a lot of money is rare.
  • Society of Unique Artists is the originator of the nationwide piano donation program, which was established in 2004.

Your piano donation assists us in continuing to further our non-profit mission of promoting unique artists and art forms. We accept piano donations from the public in all 50 states. There may be a variety of local organizations involved with music, including school music departments, youth clubs, nursing homes, charities, and churches .

This time, the focus is on connecting donated pianos to schools. The photos of both the interior and exterior of the piano that you provide help us to determine the condition of your piano. If you’d prefer to keep your donation local, try googling “piano donation near me”. You should be able to find a local program that will help place your piano with a deserving charity or organization within your state or local area. Figuring out if your piano fits the criteria for donation is the most important thing. Donating a piano, whether it’s to a nonprofit, a charity or a church, can take quite a bit of time and communication between yourself and the recipient.

The Beethoven Foundation is a non-profit organization designed for bringing into places where it’s needed. They handle transportation themselves and are able to get pianos where it needs to be. Similar to Senior Centers, getting a piano donated to a church is a great way to make sure it’s used often.