MAP International

MAP International


MAP International is an international relief organization that provides medicines and health supplies to those in need all around the world so they might experience life to its fullest potential. MAP serves people regardless of religion, gender, race or nationality because if we want a better tomorrow for our children then it starts with their today.

Two billion people live without access to medicines they desperately need.

Your generosity could help make a huge difference in people’s lives and allow them to experience life as it should be. Your donation will go towards providing medicines, health supplies, education initiatives for impoverished communities around the world so that everyone has an opportunity to live their best life possible!

Your gift of $25 would provide medications for 3 days worth of pain management which is absolutely crucial when living with chronic disease. With your donated dollars we can continue our work in combating poverty-related illnesses like malaria or dengue fever by sending medical responders to those who need help most urgently while continuing efforts such as rebuilding hospitals destroyed during natural disasters

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CATEGORYInternational Needs
TOP PERSONSteven G. Stirling
HEADQUARTERSBrunswick, Georgia

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