Make a Magical Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace

Today we are making the cutest bottled fairy dust necklace craft for kids of all ages. This is a really fun slumber party idea or homemade gift to give to a best friend.

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Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace Craft

These fairy dust necklaces are like bottling up stars! My older tween calls this her Galaxy Necklace, and my elementary-aged kiddo calls it her fairy dust!

Either way, these are simple kids crafts to make and wear that are sure to bring a smile! This craft is especially good for tweens and teens.

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Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace: A Tween Craft Idea

Supplies Needed

*If you are doing this craft with younger kids, consider plastic bottles and a break-away necklace string for safety.


Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace: A Tween Craft Idea

Step 1

To set up this craft, fill small bowls with food dye and water.

We wanted this to look like a starry sky or galaxy, so we used deep blue, deep green and a deep purple color.

Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace: A Tween Craft Idea

Step 2

Next, shred the cotton balls into tiny bits.

Step 3

Using the tweezers, dip the bits of cotton into the bowl of dye, and then insert it into your jar.

Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace: A Tween Craft Idea

Step 4

Layer the cotton colors with glitter and plain white cotton bits. This part is so fun because you can go with whatever pattern or color choice you want!

Step 4

Add several drops of essential oil to the top of your jar before you put the cap on it.

These necklaces work great as essential oil necklace  diffusers. The scents diffuse through the cap throughout the day!

Step 5

Using a hot glue gun attach the starry fairy dust jar onto a necklace so you can wear it.

A necklace that smells great, looks good, and will be the talk of the class.

More Fun With DIY Necklaces and Jewelry Crafts

If you loved making these Bottled Fairy Dust necklaces, you’ll have to check out these other jewelry making ideas below. My daughter loves picking out new jewelry crafts to try during playdates or sleepover parties.

Our kids have discovered Dr. Who and have become obsessed with all things weebly wobbly, sonic screwdrivers, and Time Lords. We recently created giant galaxy jars, and they loved it so much, I wanted to try a similar idea.

What’s your favorite jewelry craft? Comment below and share with us!

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