How To Donate Stuffed Animals

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Where to Donate Used Toys in 2022 Best Places to Donate Toys Near Me

Fill a bag, a box, or your vehicle with the clothing you desire to give and drive to the Goodwill donation facility that is most convenient for you. After that, one of our donation greeters will take care of the rest. Bike and tricycle rentals, Fisher-Price and Little Tikes toys and games, plush animals and software for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii are all available. Please fill out our survey by clicking the button below and we will do our best to get some donations to you ASAP.

Bear in mind, however, that most hospitals will only accept new toy donations to minimize the risk of spreading illness from secondhand items. Here are some of the most common charities and organizations that accept children’s toy donations. The Big Brother Big Sister program accepts donations of small toys, including gently used stuffed animals.

Celebrating 23 years as a nonprofit and over 300,000 stuffed animals donated to children in need!

Big Brother Big Sister works differently than many other charities. Instead of distributing the donations they receive, they resell them and then put the money back into their program. The same thing as above goes for any children’s homes that may be near you. Having toys around can make everything feel a little more familiar with big changes.

Contact your nearest religious centers to inquire about what they need. Hospitals are strict about hygiene, so you’ll need to purchase the toys specifically for donation purposes. Before making your donation, be sure to contact your local hospital to familiarize yourself with their specific requirements. Your local hospital may have a toy wish list posted on their website, which can give you an idea of toys younger patients will like the most. Yes, if you have used stuffed animals in rough condition that can’t be donated, you can recycle them.

Easy Steps for Donating Stuffed Animals

Facebook Marketplace or other sites that are similar to Craigslist can be a good place to give toys away too. Select a local charity listed underneath the contact form and click "Submit." Enter your Minnesota ZIP code when prompted on the Donation Town website . The website will proceed to find local charities in Minnesota. Choose a specific area or city in Minnesota, from the drop-down menu, where you want to post your listing.

  • There are many people who would be happy with an extra one hundred dollars a month.
  • All you need to do is enter your zip code, and DonationTown will pull up a list of the closest charities and organizations that accept donated items.
  • Donate new stuffed animals, toys or dolls to the Boston Ronald McDonald House (
  • Stuffed Animals For Emergencies is a charity that gives stuffed animals to children in emergency situations.
  • TerraCycle has a partnership with Hasbro specifically for recycling old toys — it’s free and easy!
That is why it is recommended to check with the respective hospitals about their requirements before donating stuffed animals and doing some good. Many charity groups would gladly accept your stuffed animal and children’s toy donations, which they will distribute as they see fit. Many of these charities will come to your home and pick up donations you have left there. The stuffed animals and toys that are given to the children to play with are given to them as a gift to keep when they leave. You can contact them and donate stuffed animals that are no longer useful to you.