How To Donate A Motorcycle

How To Donate A Motorcycle your motorcycle to our organization

Your Guide to Donating a Motorcycle to Charity

Vehicles for Veterans is Car Donation Foundation’s tax-exempt vehicle donation program that benefits disabled veterans. Our car donation program accepts cars, boats , RVs, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles, whether they are running or not. With each donation we receive, we make sure that the proceeds from your motorcycle donation stay local by benefiting your community’s Make-A-Wish chapter. By donating your motorcycle, you can enjoy the pride of knowing you helped grant a wish to a child in your city who was diagnosed with a critical illness. You WILL qualify for a tax deduction for donating a motorcycle to charity.

If it’s time to move on, donate your motorcycle to charity rather than letting it sit unused in your garage. Think of how much more room you’ll have in your garage or driveway! Once your motorcycle has been donated, you can bask in the joy of knocking that pesky ‘to-do’ off your list and making extra room in your garage or driveway. No longer will you feel guilty for not getting rid of your old motorcycle before buying a new one, or feeling dread for not driving it more often.

  • Within 24 hours of the next business day, we will contact you to schedule your FREE motorcycle donation towing.
  • They have also become cheaper to buy than cars and definitely more fun.
  • Recycling steel and other materials uses less energy and natural resources and produces less carbon pollution.
  • Did you know you can donate a motorcycle to help animals?

Once you decide to donate, you can have your motorcycle picked up within a couple of days. Wheels For Wishes will take almost anything with a motor, so you can get rid of your car, RV, truck or boat with minimal hassle. Did you know you can donate a motorcycle to help animals?

Take pictures of the motorcycle and save receipts for new tires or other upgrades to verify its value. Things you need for your Tax Deduction – When you file your annual Tax return , you will need to itemize your deductions for your charitable gift deduction to be counted. The Giving Center will provide you with an acknowledgement that describes the gift. That personal acknowledgement from the Giving Center must be filed with your Form 1040. Any passionate rider would say that riding a motorcycle gets their blood racing.

If you have misplaced your title or registration, don’t worry! Please find your motorcycle’s identification number and together we can determine which supplementary paperwork you will need to complete at the time of pick up. Perhaps you racked up many happy miles and wonderful memories riding it, and now you’re ready for something bigger, or smaller — or just different!

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Our technicians assess your donation motorcycle to be sure it sells for as much as possible. Your tax write-off is based on the selling price, so it benefits you to make your motorcycle donation through us at Cars2Charities. Our motorcycle care and expertise typically result in a 25%-50% higher value for your donated vehicle when changes are made. With more than 30 years of experience, Cars2Charities has the expertise in making motorcycle donations easier than ever. Cars2Charities is designed to provide donors with a simple, fast, and secure way to donate their motorcycles.

If it’s time to move on, donate your motorcycle to our organization rather than letting it sit unused in your garage. Cars2Charities has become the premier solution for motorcycle donation such as owners seeking to donate a motorbike, moped or scooter. Because of our unique operating model that adds value to just about every donated vehicle.

If you call us to initiate the donation, we ask your preferences right… You’ll start the process of donating your motorcycle by collecting the motorcycle’s cleared Certificate of Title and Registration. Please call us to find out how we are safely handling car donations. If the IRS audits you it is going to need all of that, otherwise they do have the right to exclude the donation. IRS Publication 4302 provides details from all the rules and regulations with donating a motorcycle. You have to document that donation and with the documenting you need to make sure you’re getting a receipt from the place you’re donating to.

The Best Motorcycle Donation Tax Deduction

You need to find a value somewhere in the middle. You’ll receive a 100% tax deductible receipt & a vacation voucher. Be prepared to provide us with information such as motorcycle make, model, vehicle identification number and current mileage. • First, we work with you to arrange a convenient pickup time and location.

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Framingham motorcycle crash victim Tommy Toomey had love for animals.

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Some of the motorcycles donated to Giving Center are recycled for materials or sold for reusable parts. Recycling steel and other materials uses less energy and natural resources and produces less carbon pollution. Taking an inefficient and poorly maintained motorcycle off the road helps save gas and improves the quality of the air we breathe. Vehicles for Veterans is Car Donation Foundation’s vehicle donation program. Car Donation Foundation is a tax exempt charity under section 501 of the IRS Code.

Your old motorcycle is still running fine, but you consider getting a new one. The old bike is not really worth much anymore and you decide to donate it to a charity, especially since you are offered a charitable tax receipt in exchange. We try to accept all generous motorcycle donations including classic or collectible bikes including Harley Davidsons or BMWs, but it is not guaranteed they will be accepted.

No Charitable Organization is allowed to pay for this but the Giving Center can certainly help you find a friendly qualified appraiser to make this step painless. Before arriving, our tow truck driver will call you one hour before to give you time to collect paperwork and prepare the motorcycle for towing. At the time of the pick-up, make sure your title is signed and clear of any lien holdings. You will hand over the title and registration to the tow truck driver.

You should consider a few things before donating your bike. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to make sure the charity is reputable. The scam is also prevalent when it comes to the ads that offer to help you make a motorcycle donation to charity for tax credit. Oftentimes, these are middle-men who give only a fraction of the motorcycle donation worth to the charity. They’re also cheaper to buy than most cars and definitely more fun. On the other hand, insurance is expensive, motorcycles are dangerous and they can only be used when the weather’s perfect.

Car Donation Foundation donates proceeds from its Vehicles for Veterans program to other tax exempt charities that help disabled veterans. Yes, all vehicle donations, including motorcycle donations are tax deductible. We will provide you with an initial receipt when we pick up your bik…