How To Donate A Boat Without A Trailer

Charity Boat Donations Tax Deductible

We handle all of the paperwork for you- We take care of the title transfer and the paperwork required in order to receive the charitable tax deduction on your tax return. Of the 19.6 million veterans in the U.S., many require support that comes from your vehicle donation. There are plenty of options for your junk boats, even some that will make you money. Make sure you review all your options before you choose one. We are a reputable and well-known charity- The funds generated from your boat donation are used to help children from your own community by benefiting children’s charities. You will receive from us a donation receipt that will release you from all liabilities from that point onward.

Donate Your Vehicle to PBS North Carolina – PBS North Carolina

Donate Your Vehicle to PBS North Carolina.

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Support Causes that Make a Difference with your Virginia Boat Donation anywhere throughout the entire state. Boats with Causes has been the leader in Virginia boat donations since 2001! Donate sailboats, powerboats, personal watercraft, fishing boats, boat trailers, commercial boats, floating homes, houseboats or a yacht fast and hassle free. Stop wasting time trying to sell your Virginia boat on craigslist, Boat Trader, Yacht World, or other boating classified websites. A majority of the boat donations we receive do not come with trailers so we added this separate donation option for those of you that wish to donate boat trailers only.

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You may have had a lot of use for your trailer in its early years, but now it may be taking up space in your lawn or garage without much use. Help your horse trailer, utility trailer or cargo trailer find good use by donating it to Vehicles For Veterans! Your donation will help fund important disabled and other veterans charities. We also allow our donors to designate other causes and charities that benefit from their yacht, boat or jet ski donation. We accept any type of sailboat from cutters to schooners, catamarans to sloops, to luxury sailing yachts of any size and from any state in the USA.

  • Proceeds from donated vehicles go to the above nonprofits.
  • Contacting us is the only step you’ll be doing, and you can do this either through a phone call or by filling out our online form.
  • When you donate boat you reduce your tax liability which may allow you to get some cash back when you file your taxes.
  • Also, have your title ready, since it’s part of the requirement in our boat donation program.

With increasing concerns related to boat transfer, it becomes more difficult for boat owners to bring their watercraft anywhere they go. For an experienced representative who will walk you through the donation process. There is no more hassle of selling or trading your trailer. You get the 100 percent tax-deductible receipt because we are a 501 IRS-approved nonprofit organization.

Assign it to a carefully chosen local boat broker for that broker to sell. The title certificate for the boat and any trailer – if you don’t have any of these things, don’t worry, just call us. Submit a donation form on-line, here, or call our toll free number XXX-XXX-XXXX and speak with one of our friendly, trained Boat Donation Specialists. You can also donate to us other vehicles that you no longer need or use.

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In case you’ve lost or misplaced it, just let us know so we can assist you in obtaining a duplicate copy. You eliminate the hassle of selling or trading in your boat. Boats are great when you’re out on the water, but they can be stressful to tow around, store and take care of. We handle vessels of all shapes and sizes because we specialize in donations of boats. We appreciate our donors and we do our best to assist them through the process.

This can be hard when you have so much sentimental value and great memories in your vessel, but you need to make sure that you are being realistic. A quick search of your local spots can yield plenty of results and options for dealing with your old junk boat. California has similar places to junk boats as those in Florida. If you plan to go this route, be realistic about what the boat is worth using the base of its parts. Most people will not pay more for “sentimental value” which is the main driving factor for people listing their boats for too high of a price. If your hull is in good condition, it can be refinished and reused.

Partner with one of the nation’s highly respected charitable organizations. Say goodbye to costly insurance, maintenance, storage, and repairs. You don’t have to worry about the title transfer or other paperwork.

For a listing of the other vehicles we accept, please check this page. We’ll issue you a towing receipt before we take your boat. The receipt gives you the freedom to cancel your boat’s registration and insurance coverage. You eliminate the hassleof selling or trading in your boat. Fast, free pick-up and towing- We will come and pick up any vehicle for free – eventrucksthat don’t run! Some exceptions apply such as needing a trailer to tow a boat, so feel free to contact us to verify.

Donate a house boat big or small and with or without a trailer. One of the best options that will work with you is a salvage yard. This is especially ideal if your boat and its hull not longer floats or is badly damaged. When getting rid of your boat, you might be looking to make money off it. If you manage your expectations and do your research, this is completely possible.