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The United States spent $5 billion on Ukraine anti-government riots

In our opinion, it’s the most transparent and efficient method of donating towards a humanitarian crisis such as this,” she says. Softjourn “has been supporting the Ukrainian army for the last eight years,” since Russian-backed separatists took over part of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, said Gengler; company support has included medical equipment such as ambulances. Softjourn has employees on multiple continents, including about 200 employees based in Ukraine, some of whom have left the country and some of whom are staying and working through the conflict, Gengler said. In addition to the war hitting close to home for Softjourn, “we also have to look at the bigger picture, which is that I do not believe Putin will stop with Ukraine,” Gengler said. According to CNBC, the cryptocurrency wallets have attracted donations worth $10.2 million, which is in addition to the millions of dollars in digital currency that have been donated to non-government organisations that are helping the Ukrainian government. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its effect on neighbouring countries has inspired people to collect donations.

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ACN’s website hosts a variety of opportunities for financial and spiritual support of the Ukrainian people. This organization has already committed $1.5 million to provide emergency help to the Church in Ukraine. "As it stands, it is nearly impossible to find a figure," said Nicole Valentinuzzi, communications manager of Publish What You Fund, a group that pushes for aid transparency across the world. "These kinds of things would be easily verifiable if people were given timely information."

But cryptocurrency has also provided a way for investors around the world to quickly move funds to Ukrainian fighters, as more traditional crowdfunding strategies encounter obstacles. Twitter accounts belonging to the Ukrainian government began to solicit cryptoasset donations for the first time. The move came after the country’s central bank cracked down on digital money transfers in connection with a nationwide declaration of martial law. Since Moscow invaded on Feb. 24, over 102,000 cryptoasset donations, totaling $54.7 million, have gone to the Ukrainian government and Come Back Alive, an NGO providing support to the military, according to new data from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic. An additional €500 million military aid package for Ukraine approved by the EU on 18 July 2022.

“Needs are wide, ranging from hygiene products to blankets, gas burners and first aid kits,” Afshan Khan, the Unicef regional director for Europe and central Asia, says. ​In recent days, the charity said heavy weapons fire along the contact line in eastern Ukraine had damaged water infrastructure and schools. The money generously donated by British people is being put to immediate use to save lives.

How much did the Concert For Ukraine raise in total?

It’s less than a tenth of the $750 billion the government is projected to spend on defense this year. It’s more than what the government spent last year on highway grants ($43 billion), but less than what it spent on health insurance premium tax credits ($56 billion). The $31.4 billion may include some funding that wouldn’t be counted in the agency’s data, which is calculated differently. Nonetheless, it is roughly two times the amount given in 2011 to Afghanistan, the largest U.S. foreign aid recipient until now. Congress approved The Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 in early March to provide aid to Ukraine. The act provides $13.6 billion in emergency spending, which included an allotment of $3.5 billion for military supplies alone.

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More than 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine erupted into conflict in 2014. More than 2 million people in Eastern Ukraine have fled their homes as a result of the armed conflict between Ukrainian government forces and separatist groups in the Crimean and Donbas regions of eastern Ukraine. Evacuation centers providing shelter, food and psychosocial support for displaced families.

More than 25 nations have joined in purchasing and delivering weapons to support Ukraine’s war effort. The U.S. has sent billions of dollars in missiles, ammunition and other items to the front. The EU signed off on a €500 million ($551 million USD) package — a first for the 27-country European bloc — to help arm Ukraine.

As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate after Moscow sent its troops into its neighbouring country, several countries across the globe are sending military aid to Kyiv. In an interview with CoinDesk on Tuesday, Chobanian said funds have gone to Ukraine’s military and special forces to help purchase equipment, food and gas, but he stopped short of providing additional specifics "due to a level of secrecy involved." Estonia gave $244m in military aid including Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, anti-tank mines and anti-tank guns, and handguns along with ammunition.

"UK sending armoured vehicles to Ukraine to help civilians flee besieged areas". "UK promises extra £1bn in military aid for Ukraine’s fight against Russia". "The Government of Malta is committed to providing official aid to address the humanitarian needs of the people of Ukraine". Wikimedia Commons has media related to List of foreign aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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Created in 2015, the Voices of Children Foundation has been providing psychological support to children affected by war in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine through art therapy, video storytelling, mobile psychologists and more. Now, the organization is working to support children across the country with emergency psychological assistance and assisting in the evacuation process. She said many charities will keep your money for several years before sending it to people or organizations on the ground because they want to promote "long-term development," though studies have shown that aid is most effective when provided quickly.

Project Hope is on the ground in Ukraine providing essential medicines and medical supplies. "Food supplies were delivered to 5,000 people sheltering from bombing in Kyiv on March 1, 2022, and food has been delivered to people in the south of Ukraine who are suffering from vicious Russian attacks. The United Nations has called for immediate humanitarian funding to help people inside Ukraine as well as those seeking shelter beyond its borders. The charity is also providing vulnerable families with hygiene equipment and working with neighbouring organisations in Ukraine to best meet the needs of the country.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Council, over 1 million refugees have arrived in neighbouring countries since the invasion began. To help people fleeing war, collections of donations have started in community centres in Liverpool, UK, ice hockey fan clubs in Mannheim, Germany, and many other places. Food, clothing, painkillers, blankets, toothpaste and other items are being collected in vast amounts. In a tweet on Thursday, the official Twitter account of Ukraine called for donations and linked to Ukraine’s official website. Collected funds will be used for the "logistical and medical support" of the Ukrainian armed forces, said the webpage, which is run by Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian Institution. The site is directing donors to wire funds to the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Kyiv or the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine.

This follows U.S. and other NATO countries giving Western equipment to Ukraine. Russian comments about a desire to move onto Moldova, after occupying the Southern Ukraine coast and the Donbas, also threatens to expand the scope of the conflict. Although Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have characterized the conflict as a proxy war instigated by NATO, the U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Consultative Group reflects a broader coalition of countries. Military aid increased to €1.5 billion under the European Peace Facility on 13 April 2022, assistance includes personal protective equipment, first aid kits and fuel, as well as military equipment. 15 July the British government provided a £2.5 million package for the training of judges and forensic experts and for sending teams to the scenes of alleged Russian war crimes to aid Ukrainian prosecutors.

The UK announced a further 6,000 defensive missiles will be sent to Ukraine, on 24 March 2022. Deployment of RC-135W Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft to provide information on size and position of Russian forces. An undisclosed amount of uniforms and personal military gear to be sent to Ukraine instead, delivered via NATO. San MarinoThree pallets of medical aid on 15 March 2022, along with 3 medical trucks to be used in the Medical Forces Command. The Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, signed an agreement to financially support Ukraine with €250 million (US$270 million).

3.4 t (3.3 long tons; 3.7 short tons) of medicines delivered on 7 March 2022. Announcement of a budgetary loan of €300 million on 29 March 2022 in order to help the country cope with the economic and social consequences of the ongoing conflict. On July 13, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced that France will provide Ukraine 36 prefabricated bridges from 23 to 46 metres in length from the Matiere company.

This aid includes electricity aggregators, tents, blankets, and masks. High-frequency radios, night vision goggles, medical supplies and explosives disposal equipment. BulgariaOn 4 May 2022, the Bulgarian Parliament approved a decision to provide military-technical support, which includes repairing Ukrainian military vehicles and equipment. BrazilThe Brazilian Air Force sent 11.6 tons of donations with food and water purifiers from human donations that was destined to Warsaw, Poland, while rescuing Brazilians who are leaving the European country. On 3 July the Australian government announced a $A 100m commitment for a further 14 M113 APCs and 20 additional Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles taking the total committed so far to 28 and 60 respectively.

Direct aid from U.S. civilians for fighters has often been explicitly forbidden in other conflicts, depending on whether the U.S. government has sanctioned the combatants or designated them as terrorist groups. Western private support for Ukraine in the digital arena goes beyond crowdfunding. Since the Russian invasion began, Microsoft has directly advised Ukraine’s government on how to counter cyberattacks against Ukrainian military institutions, manufacturers and government agencies. Entrepreneur Elon Musk sent satellite-supported Starlink terminals to Ukraine to help maintain internet access.

Researchers at Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company, say the Ukrainian government, NGOs and volunteer groups have raised the money by advertising their Bitcoin wallet addresses online. TheStreet has compiled a list of secure ways you can send financial aid to Ukraine, and a separate listing of non-monetary aid which you can read here. Though Zelensky asked President Joe Biden for a variety of different types of military and diplomatic aid, the footage he shared of destruction happening now in Ukraine and to its citizens has renewed pushes for American help in the country. The cri de coeur delivered by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States Congress on Wednesday has sparked an enormous amount of sympathy and support for the besieged Eastern European country amongst its allies, particularly in North America.

Bornyakov said he did not know if anyone in the American government had spoken to anyone in the Ukrainian government about the role of crypto in the war. Ukraine’s president "shares our vision" that the use of crypto could be an "economic breakthrough," according to the country’s deputy minister at the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Rome has sent 110 million euros in immediate aid to the Ukrainian government as "a concrete sign of our support".

How 27 countries sent Ukraine more than $1 billion of weapons and supplies in one week

In an effort to help ease offload delays at hospitals and to reduce wait times in emergency departments, paramedics will be allowed to decide what’s best for a patient. Pharmacists and physicians are urging people not to panic buy medication, which is in short supply across the country. An iconic photograph of Sir Winston Churchill appears to have been stolen from Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier hotel and replaced with a copy. The photo of Churchill by Canadian photographer Yousuf Karsh, taken in December 1941 on Parliament Hill, is among the most famous photos ever taken of the British prime minister.

BLM denied allegations that Cullors spent BLM funds on her personal properties. However, BLM and other activist organizations under Cullors’s control offered contracts to an art company led by the father of her only child, the Daily Caller reported. Sign up now to get the Washington Examiner’s breaking news and timely commentary delivered right to your inbox. Caritas is a Catholic confederation seeking to be the helping hand of the Church, aiming to build a world based on justice and fraternal love, according to its website. With members currently working within Ukraine to provide aid, information on financial contributions can be found here.

Our Allies in Europe and elsewhere are also imposing sanctions on Russia. Instead of dividing the United States from its Allies and partners, Russia’s actions have united the world and further isolated it. We have been coordinating with the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, and others to ensure our collective, coordinated response imposes steep costs on Russia. We also imposed new financing restrictions on thirteen of the most critical Russian state-owned enterprises, including Gazprom.

Bunq CEO Ali Niknam stated to create a specialized fund to support Ukrainian refugees to get to Netherlands under a highly skilled migrant visa. According to President Zelenskyy, 16,000 foreigners have volunteered to join an International Brigade in response to Ukraine’s call for foreign fighters as of 3 March 2022. Citizens of Taiwan donated $945 million NTD (US$33 million) as of 2 April 2022. Hyundai MotorsDonated $1 million to the Red Cross earmarked as emergency relief for Ukraine. KakaoDonated ₩4.2 billion (approx. $3.65 million) worth of Klay cryptocurrency to UNICEF.

The EU and 27 countries committed more than $1 billion of military aid in the first week of war. The publicity around Ukraine’s call for donations also attracted scammers who tried to capitalize on the good will of donors. Hilary Allen, a professor at American University’s law school who has written a book about the risks cryptocurrencies pose to financial systems, said anyone who donates should carefully look at all the actors involved.

The total sum was £1.3 billion (US$1.6 billion), however, this included the £300 million that was pledged on 3 May. National campaigns began donating clothing, blankets, canned, and packaged food deliveries to Ukraine, and refugee transport to Portugal immediately after Russia started its aggression upon Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Campaigns are organised by numerous Portuguese civil society organisations, Roman Catholic Church parishes, the Portuguese Red Cross, NGOs, and the private sector. Portuguese milk and fruit juice is observed being served by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on 4 April 2022, shortly after Bucha was liberated by Ukrainian forces. The total cost of material and military assistance and social support given by Poland is estimated to reach at least 0,6% of it’s GDP. PolandThe total cost of material and military assistance and social support given by Poland is estimated to reach at least 0.6% of its GDP.

40 doctors and paramedics from United Hatzalah of Israel, with medical and humanitarian equipment, at the Moldova–Ukraine border to assist refugees, . 20 to 25 Leopard 2 A4, ammunition and recovery vehicle to be delivered to Poland as partial replacement for tanks given to Ukraine122 Marder 1A3 IFV and Lynx KF41 to be donated to Greece in return for an equal number of Greek BMP-1P IFVs to be passed to Ukraine. Additional financial aid of US$300 million announced on 5 May, bringing the total to US$2 billion. Can$200 million as part of International Monetary Fund package to Ukraine, Can$20 million for IMF to provide expert guidance to Ukrainian government on economic transition and Can$900,000 to strengthen Ukrainian national bank in March 2014. Supermodel Gigi Hadid has committed to donating her earnings from the fall 2022 runway shows "to aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine."

These entities, including companies critical to the Russian economy, are now barred from raising money through the U.S. market, which limits the Kremlin’s ability to raise money for its activity. The purpose of the waiver was to enable diplomacy with Germany to address the negative impacts of the pipeline, should it become operational. We have had strong diplomatic cooperation with Germany in these past months. As a result of Russia’s actions and Germany’s subsequent decision to halt the certification process for the pipeline, the Secretary has determined the waiver is no longer in the interest of the United States. This action follows through on the President’s commitment that Nord Stream 2 will not move forward following the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Turkey’s disaster relief agency is sending three lorries of aid to Moldova for Ukrainian refugees. That said, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is deciding on where donated crypto funds are going, CoinDesk previously reported. Ukraine, the second-poorest country in Europe based on gross national income per capita, has a long history of corruption. Some people are concerned that donations made in crypto, although traceable, may not benefit the intended recipients. If you cannot find any local collections to donate to, an alternative option is to buy “survival items” from the online aid shop of the charity RefugEase. The World Health Organization is raising funds for its frontline response and to deliver life-saving medicines and supplies to people across Ukraine and to refugees.

To enforce a no-fly zone, NATO would have to fire on Russian planes that violate the zone. NATO would also need to destroy Russian surface-to-air missile defenses on the ground. That became the largest-ever single transfer of arms from US warehouses to another country.

It has been providing training in emergency medicine and surgical preparedness to hospitals, as well as mass casualty kits with supplies for treating traumatic injuries. It’s worth noting that the Pinchuk Foundation also donated in 2015 — albeit a much smaller amount of money — to the since-dissolved Donald J. Trump Foundation, as documented in a 2015 tax filing by the foundation. The $150,000 donation was for Trump, then a presidential candidate, to speak via video to a conference in Ukraine organized by Pinchuk, the Washington Post reported, citing a spokesman for the Pinchuk Foundation. Britons have donated more than £100m to provide aid to Ukrainians fleeing the war after an appeal was launched by the UK Disasters Emergency Committee . Save the Children is working in neighbouring countries to help provide children and families who have fled Ukraine with food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, cash assistance.

Since then, cryptocurrency investors have donated more than $22 million worth of digital assets to the Ukrainian government and a nonprofit supporting the country’s military, according to data provided by the blockchain tracking firm Elliptic on Monday evening. The Red Cross of Serbia has opened a dedicated account to which Serbian citizens can pay monetary donations to help the endangered population of Ukraine. Serbian Chamber of Commerce asks companies from Serbia to help Ukraine. Big companies had responded, including MK Group, Nestlé Adriatic, Elixir Group, and Tobacco Industry Senta, adding that Coca-Cola HBC – Srbija and Bambi had also pledged to help. In the United Kingdom, the Disasters Emergency Committee, an umbrella group of 15 British charities, launched a public appeal for humanitarian aid to Ukraine on 4 March 2022.