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Donatos is known for its thin-crust pizza "loaded Edge to Edge" with toppings, particularly its large pepperoni pizza that includes 100+ pepperoni slices. In 2009, Donatos launched a hand-tossed pie-cut crust option. In 2004, the company introduced Donatos take-and-bake pizza in Kroger supermarkets. In 2015, they introduced NatureCrust, a 10-inch organic, non-GMO, vegan, multigrain crust, which is now available in a handful of locations. Donatos also offers a variety of oven-baked subs, freshly made salads, chicken wings, shareable sides, and desserts.

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Tailgating with Donatos Pizza!.

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Along the way, it’s made a name for itself by delivering a consistently delicious product. Yet as popular as it has become, even the most diehard Donatos fans likely don’t know the franchise’s whole story — a lot can happen over the course of six decades. In 2013, Donatos was the subject of an episode of the CBS reality television show Undercover Boss. During the episode , Jane Grote Abell—the Chairperson of Donatos and daughter of its founder Jim Grote—went undercover posing as a contestant on a reality TV show who was trying to win money to open her own restaurant. One of the employees confided in Abell that he would occasionally smoke marijuana with customers during deliveries, for which Abell later fired him but offered him a chance to get his job back if he passed a drug test after 30 days.

"I didn’t know if I really wanted to do it again," Grote told Family Business. According to 10 WBNS, the request was from the Kroger supermarket chain, which wanted to feed the 12,000 employees of their 68 central Ohio grocery stores as a "thank you" for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. "These women and men have been tirelessly stocking shelves, providing service, and keeping their stores clean so that our communities can have the food and other household necessities they need during these challenging days," Donatos wrote on Facebook. Fortunately for Donatos and Grote Abell, these proved to be the only major hiccups during her undercover stint. By and large, the workers Abell shadowed proved to be exemplary employees and people.

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However, you may make the crust whichever thickness you choose, whether it’s thin, thick, or a hand-tossed crust. Donatos Pizza has signed a development deal that will add three restaurants in Atlanta. The brand currently has one very popular location in Savannah, Georgia, and is ready to continue to expand its presence with new Donatos locations across the Atlanta metro area. The original pizza restaurant on Thurman Avenue in Columbus is still one of the busiest and most successful locations. From our roma tomatoes and onions to our green peppers, our veggies are always fresh and sliced by hand every day in every restaurant.

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According to QSR, from April to September 2020, Donatos opened seven new restaurants in several states, including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida. "As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge businesses in many ways, we’ve been able to do extraordinarily well considering the circumstances," said Jeff Baldwin, Donatos vice president of development and franchising. "We’re ecstatic about this surge in growth and continued success in attracting new franchise partners."

According to Slice, Columbus-style pizza was the brainchild of Romeo Siri and brothers Dan and Jim Massucci. It was first served at their eatery, Romeo’s Italian Restaurant, in 1949. Soon after, the Massucci brothers opened Massey’s, Columbus’ first pizzeria, which is still in operation today. From the moment Grote took over Donatos, he was adamant about serving the highest-quality product.