Food for the Poor

Food for the Poor


Our mission is to find ways to bring the church of the First World and Third world closer together. We want both materially poor people as well as those who are spiritually lacking in something, whether it be love or faith, to have a place where they can feel welcomed and loved here on earth before God’s grace takes them into heaven with him when their time comes.

We provide food for hungry kids at home while we also fund churches that need help rebuilding after natural disasters strike so that everyone has some stability in this life regardless of what happens next.


Our ministry is a reflection of the unconditional love that we see in Christ. Whether it’s surrendering all for others, trusting and embracing people regardless of their status or creed, our faith inspires hope to those who are lost.

Fighting to End Poverty

We strive to bring peace of mind and help families in need. We provide food, shelter, emergency relief services as well as mentoring programs for youth who face immense challenges at home.

Fighting to End Poverty

We work with people from all walks of life by providing a range of resources that can support them through tough times. Our goal is to provide access to essential needs like healthy meals or safe housing on top giving guidance so they don’t have to feel alone while going through their struggles.

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CATEGORYInternational Needs
TOP PERSONEdward Raine
HEADQUARTERSCoconut Creek, Florida

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