Easy & Fun Step-by-Step How to Draw Baby Yoda Tutorial

Today we are making a simple Baby Yoda drawing so you can learn how to draw Baby Yoda step by step.  Kids of all ages and adults, too will enjoy an afternoon filled with Baby Yoda drawing fun with this easy how to draw Baby Yoda tutorial.

How to Draw Baby Yoda printable instructions - the child mandalorian tutorial

Baby Yoda Drawing Lesson

Follow along with the easy steps that are so simple that even beginners can end up with their own Baby Yoda art. This is a fun art activity or boredom buster and perfect for fans of Star Wars – especially the Mandalorian fan.

You would have to be living under a rock not to be familiar with the pop culture icon of the Star Wars universe, Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda, The Child, is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ original TV series The Mandalorian.

And contrary to popular belief, Baby Yoda is not the original Yoda we have seen in the films! However, he is an infant of the same alien species.

Cool, huh?

how to draw baby yoda step by step printable instructions to make a easy Baby Yoda drawing

How to draw Baby Yoda Step-by-Step

This free 4 page step-by-step Baby Yoda drawing easy tutorial is a great indoor activity: it’s easy to follow, doesn’t require a lot of preparation, and the result is a cute Baby Yoda sketch!

Printable steps to draw Baby Yoda with BB8 teaching from Kids Activities Blog
Follow this 4 page simple step by step guide to draw Baby Yoda!

How to Create Your Yoda Drawing

Learn how to draw The Mandalorian’s The Child aka Baby Yoda with simple step by step instructions. While you are following along, pay attention to the size of the body and the proportions of our character because that is the secret to the cuteness.

Instructions for this How to Draw Baby Yoda Tutorial

To use these free cute cartoon printables pages: Just download and print these Baby Yoda worksheets for free.

Grab a piece of sketch paper and your favorite pencil/colored pencils/crayons. Follow the instructions in the worksheets as listed below. How to draw pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills, and color recognition.

Page 1 of the tutorial goes over the first few steps that starts with Baby Yoda’s head as guided by our dear friend BB8…

  1. Draw an oval shape.  Make sure it’s flatter on the top – almost a horizontal line.
  2. Add an oval at each side.
  3. Add a cone to each oval.  Notice the tip is pointing down.

Page 2 of the drawing tutorial finishes Baby Yoda’s head and starts with basic body shapes…

  1. Connect the cones and ovals to the head and erase the extra lines.
  2. Draw three curved lines to make Baby Yoda’s cute ears – huge ears!
  3. Draw a square that is rounded on the bottom and comes in a little on the sides for Baby Yoda’s body (vertical line is at a slant).

Page 3 of the How to Sketch Baby Yoda instructions concentrate on the body and adding arms…

  1. Draw a curved rectangle in between Baby Yoda’s body and head.
  2. Erase the lines inside the rectangle.  
  3. Add two rounded cones for arms.
  4. Erase the extra lines in Baby Yoda’s body and sleeves.
  5. Add lines mid-body and mid-sleeve.
  6. Draw Baby Yoda’s hands – you can think of them as little forks!

Page 4 of the sketch instructions finishes your Baby Yoda drawing and BB8 has some encouraging words…

  1. Add a couple of ovals for eyes that are a bit tilted – lower the edge of the eyes.
  2. Your final steps are to add Baby Yoda face details: glowing circles in the eyes, small nose, smile and lines around the eyes.
  3. You did it! You drew Baby Yoda and it wasn’t hard at all!

At the end of the lesson, print off the drawing guide instructions so you can try drawing the cute character again!

Download How to Draw Baby Yoda Lesson pdf Files here

finished star wars Baby Yoda drawing with the simple tutorial on how to draw
Your Yoda drawing is almost done!

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How did you do with the how to draw Baby Yoda drawing guide? Did you capture cute Baby Yoda’s face?

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