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Work with your team to find local farms, zoos, and animal shelters who will loan out animals like sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, and turtles that can make up your petting zoo. Get your balloon pop fundraiser started by blowing up a couple hundred balloons and filling them with slips of paper redeemable for prizes. These prizes might be a small amount of cash, gift certificates for stores or restaurants in your community, or food items like a can of soda or a cupcake. Kwala offers a variety of graphic design options with files that are ready to upload or print. Then, you can start requesting branded fundraising materials that will get people excited about your fundraiser.

Support the arts in your local schools with a student art auction. Reach out to art teachers in your community and ask them to have interested students donate their artwork to your auction. For example, play retro music and have your volunteers dress up in their favorite 70’s gear.

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You could even sell bonus items or services like hand-painted pet portraits or dog washes. Crowdfunding is an excellent choice for a quick and easy fundraiser, because all you’ll need to do is create a fundraising page. Choose your platform, set a goal, share your story, and start fundraising. Ask local animal shelters to let you showcase their puppies that are up for adoption.

  • Ask students from local schools to make handmade ornaments using whatever materials they want.
  • Now supporters can simply scan their store receipts with the Box Tops mobile app and get instant earnings for the organization of their choice.
  • During these house parties, they can talk up your cause and answer questions about your work before asking their attendees for donations.
  • Sometimes you just have to get up and groove in the middle of the day.

Many patients who receive transplants are older, but the populations who are very old or very young are the populations that receive most transplants. The typical eye bank will accept donations from the age of 2 to 70 and donors younger than 2 and older than 70 are helpful for research tissue but not for corneal transplantation. In general, patients receive corneal tissue from donors approximately the same age or younger than themselves.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of these programs available from their employer, which means you could be missing out on valuable funding for your organization. This means that to make a volunteer grants fundraiser successful, you need to spread the word. Soon you’ll have both volunteers and extra donations flowing into your organization. This could take place either in their backyards or in your facility’s parking lot. To make money, have your supporters collect pledges from their family and friends before the day of your fundraiser. Use a comedy night to bring some laughs to your community and some money to your organization!

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For example, if your scavenger hunt will be held on Earth Day, you might have your participants collect interesting rocks, leaves, or flowers. A scavenger hunt is a fun fundraising event idea that’s perfect for supporters of all ages. A golf tournament can be formal or informal, making it a great option for many organizations. It is an active event that gets your supporters out on a beautiful day, all for a good cause.

This does sound pretty great but be wary of it unless you find out exactly what the contents are. If the manufacturer’s name is printed on the pack, you could try contacting them to request the ingredients. But if you get no response and decide to try it anyway, I’d recommend diluting the goo with water and trying it on a plant you’re not so fond of as a trial. Otherwise, the cold pack gel is not recyclable, so dispose of it in the trash. Expiry Date – This is typically shown after an egg timer symbol, this tells you the year and month the product expires and when you need to replace your products. We recommend you check the expiry date on your first aid products, write the dates down and then stick a reminder in your diary.

Hosting a game night is a family-friendly office fundraising event that doesn’t require a huge budget. You can also transform your game night into a tournament where guests can compete for a prize. If your organization is focused on the arts or you have supporters that have an interest in art, an online art class can be a great virtual fundraiser for you. Holiday gift baskets are collections of goodies like baking mixes, treats, beverages, candles, and other fun items. Assemble some gift baskets of your own using donated items from local businesses, and then auction the baskets off to be delivered to deserving families in your community. The idea behind a candy gram fundraiser isn’t just to make sure people have a reason to visit the dentist in January.

A rock-a-thon is a very laid back fundraiser, but it can still be a ton of fun for your supporters. Designated “rockers” obtain pledges from members of the community for however long they think they could rock in a rocking chair. Teams or individuals can participate for a chance to win an awesome prize. You can pick a theme for your event to help you choose the items participants need to collect.

Inspired by NBC’s hit show The Office, this office fundraising idea will leave everyone feeling like a winner. Simply come up with easy, straightforward Olympic-type “events” office employees can participate in to win medals. Ask a few of your major donors to host virtual house parties on behalf of your organization. During these house parties, they can talk up your cause and answer questions about your work before asking their attendees for donations.

There are newer types of prostheses being developed to substitute for the cornea, but nothing is as useful as a human-donated cornea. Referring to reception of the tissue, eye tissue is used several different ways, most commonly for corneal transplantation. Patients who need a corneal transplant are those who have a disease, scar, or active infection involving the cornea. The cornea is the clear part of the eye much like a watch crystal. Donate to Meals on Wheels by mail or phone and bring nutritious meals to seniors in your community.

Since your supporters can easily take advantage of this opportunity, your nonprofit doesn’t have to spend much time planning an event. At your event, people can taste all the different food and vote for their favorites by making a contribution to your organization. Basket raffle bingo—a combination of both a raffle and a bingo game—is a fundraiser that can be used by any organization. Charge a registration fee for the golf tournament and offer an exciting prize for the winner. You could also provide lunch and entertainment at the end of the tournament. Try partnering with local bars and restaurants to collect part of the proceeds from your supporters’ drink and snack orders.