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Visit Donation Town’s website and enter your zip code to get matched with a list of local charities. Choose your charity from the list and contact them to schedule a free donation pickup at a time convenient for you. To donate, visit Secure the Call’s website for instructions and to print a shipping label for mailing your phone. You can select to pay the postage to save the organization the cost or opt for a postage-paid shipping label. As with computers, before donating your cellphone, protect your personal data by backing it up and wiping your phone of all contacts, passwords, notes, and content settings.

  • So your old phone can literally be a lifeline to someone in distress.
  • You will definitely want to be certain to encrypt and wipe all of your data before dropping off your donation.
  • That includes nonworking devices, which many charities accept to recycle the parts for cash.
  • These include schools and postsecondary institutions, state and federal governments, faith-based groups, corporations, and technology refurbishers.

The organization is also working with Dell through its recycling program, from which they accept hardware parts that were dropped off directly to Dell or to their partners. In the US, Cohen said the program is only reaching 2% of the estimated 2.5 million individuals in long-term care nationwide, and even less of the 4 million at home with some form of dementia. Eventually, he wants every nursing home to have music available 24/7, and with a steady stream of recycled iPods and mp3 players making their way into his coffers, he is ready for the challenge. Cell Phones for Soldiers provides talk time to overseas troops so they can call home. We’ll pay you $40 cash for a 16 GB iPod Touch that’s still in decent shape.

All devices sold to PayMore are professionally data wiped

Many Apple and third-party devices are eligible for a trade-in credit or an Apple Gift Card. Either way, give us your used devices and we will handle them responsibly. It depends on the device, model, manufacturer, and condition. Answer a few questions accurately, and once we receive the device within the specified time frame and verify its condition, you’ll most likely receive the full amount of the estimated refund. If you buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch and pay in full, we’ll apply a credit to your original payment method up to the total purchase price. For any remaining amount, you’ll receive an Apple Gift Card via email.

Try the main Apple website "contact us" for more information on charity donations. The very first smartphone was launched by IBM in 1992 and was released to the general public for purchase in 1994. This device wasn’t entirely compact and was soon replaced by more innovative versions. The myriad toxic substances in modern electronics poison land and water if not properly disposed of. Not to mention the more general problem of how much electronic waste contributes to growing, toxic landfills.

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We offer safe, convenient, and clean walk in locations to sell, trade, and purchase electronics. Although elderly patients in nursing homes had always responded positively to live music, before Music & Memory, no one had thought to give them music players with personalized playlists. That has changed over the last decade, with at least 400 nursing homes per state adopting Music & Memory’s program. According to Cohen, less than half of all nursing home residents get regular visitors, and it isn’t because they do not have relatives or friends.

If you have an old cellphone in any condition, you can donate it to Cell Phones For Soldiers, which provides free communications services to military members and veterans. Recipients of refurbished computers include low-income families, veterans in need, individuals with disabilities, seniors, schools, and nonprofit organizations. It also provides individuals and organizations with free or heavily discounted high-speed Internet access and digital training. Like the National Cristina Foundation, it is also a database connecting donors with partner charities that provide computers directly to individuals and families rather than receiving donations itself. These include schools and postsecondary institutions, state and federal governments, faith-based groups, corporations, and technology refurbishers. In addition to desktop and laptop computers, Computers with Causes also accepts miscellaneous electronic gadgets, including tablets, printers, cameras, game consoles, servers, drones, robots, and machinery.

Can I trade in a device at an Apple Store?

There are a handful of organisations that refurbish old computers for people experiencing disadvantages, who may not be able to afford technology that’s become an essential part of modern life. If the device it too old, it will be responsibly recycled for parts. Erase all content and settings that contain personal information. Ipad mini 5th generation, models a2133, a2124, a2126, a2125. Recognizing that those serving in the more remote regions have no tv or cell. With more than 3,200 thrift stores around the country, goodwill industries is one of the most popular places to donate used goods to.

Providing the phone still works, you can donate your old smartphone to a number of charities that have partnered with cell phone refurbishing companies to donate smartphones to people who need them. If it doesn’t work anymore, search online for the nearest electronic recycling drop off. While you could simply drop off your used electronics at the nearest recycling location, there sure are a plethora of options out there to earn a bit of store credit or even cash back for your used list. Of the services listed, which have you had the best luck and return with? Cohen said his organization will accept donations of both new and used devices, iTunes gift cards, iPods, iTouches or old iPhones. The only criteria is that the equipment must still be working.

All iPods and devices sold to PayMore are professionally data wiped for your security. Recruiting a Scrum Master with the right combination of technical expertise and experience will require a comprehensive screening process. This hiring kit provides a customizable framework your business can use to find, recruit and ultimately hire the right person for the job. This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium includes a job description, sample interview questions … The program has grown due in no small part to the very noticeable effect it has on nursing home patients. Nursing homes have almost always struggled to keep patients happy, engaged, social, and active, often using live musical performances to keep the elderly involved and aware.

Then plug your ipad to your pc/mac, open itunes and erase all the stuff. 3.on a mac with macos catalina 10.15 or later open finder. If the your ipod or ipad has any monetary value they will pay you for it. Most of the big tv firms already offer ios apps that can control their tv sets, so your old ipad could be the household tv remote.

Yes, to sell damaged or non working iPods simply follow the standard procedure. Once your old iPod has been received you will be contacted to be offered a revised price. Register your details, accept any terms and conditions and follow through the checkout to submit your order. On the confirmation screen you will be provided with a freepost address which will also be confirmed via email. This tiny electronic device that can provide you with thousands of songs and videos at the touch of a button will literally spend thousands of years on a rubbish tip.

†† We approximate your location from your internet IP address by matching it to a geographic region or from the location entered during your previous visit to Apple. No, there is no proof of purchase required to trade in a device with Apple Trade In. Do not ship electronics with swollen or damaged batteries.