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Solution 39176: Calculator donations in response to requests for relief from natural and other disasters

Making contributions to an approved charitable organization like schools, Salvation Army, Red Cross or Goodwill can also serve as a tax write off. This option doesn’t put cash in your hands immediately, but can help at tax time. Just remember to get a receipt from the organization that you are donating to, so that you can show proof of your contribution for tax purposes. This can be extremely rewarding, especially knowing that you might be helping the next Albert Einstein get his start. If you are new to the Math and Science world and were required to purchase that expensive, latest model graphing calculator for a single class, you’re in luck.

I teach probability and statistics, and we also get into some financial lessons for my students. Expand the "Where your donation goes" section below to see exactly what Mr. Widick is requesting. You donate directly to the teacher or project you care about and see where every dollar you give goes.

Kids need them for the Algebra Regents exam, so starting in 7th grade. The math teacher there is a brilliant man who goes above and beyond to teach those kids- most of them from families going through hardships. Most HSes collect them and lend them out to kids who can’t afford them. Maybe not math and who is in what class using that calculator, but they know which kids have families who struggle. Nyc donation website just asks for cash – no guidance for this type of donation. I think they are still $100 if there isn’t an app that’s made them obsolete.

Sites like buy your calculator back and put cash in your pocket. This is an excellent option, especially if you are on a limited student budget or simply want to re-coop some of your initial expense. These online buyback programs are designed to make it easy for you to collect money for your used calculator. You simply visit the site, select which calculator you have and its condition, request a quote and send it on its way . Once received, the company will verify the make/model and condition and send you the funds based on your specifications. Students will have access to graphing calculators for rigorous math classes.

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Get ready for back to school with T³™ Webinars to enhance your teaching and TI technology skills. While you may get a little more bank for your buck, you will have to put in more time and effort than going through a buyback program as previously mentioned. Our team works hard to negotiate the best pricing and selections available. You are more likely to receive funding if you put a face to your name.

Garage sales are generally frequented by people looking for bargains, so pricing is of the utmost importance when using this method. Ebay may be a viable option if you are not set on a getting a specific price, but would rather just see your used calculator find a new home. Craiglist is also an option for those who don’t want to put forth the effort or don’t have enough items to have a garage sale.

  • This classroom project was brought to life by Bill Gates and 2 other donors.
  • BTW, that calculator is primarily used within 10th grade geometry classes.
  • You donate directly to the teacher or project you care about and see where every dollar you give goes.
  • If you have questions about selling your used calculator or valuation, please contact
  • However, every donation request submitted directly to TI will be reviewed and receive a response.
  • "It is a matter of personal opinion and not something I feel in a position to comment on, " he said.

This grant outfits high school math classes with TI-84 CE graphing calculators with a primary goal of building confidence and promoting engagement among students. Graphing calculators would not take the place of pencil-and-paper calculations and.or graphing. Instead, the use of graphing calculators as a resource would enable students to more easily check their work and focus on problem-solving and applied problems.

Options for Getting Rid of Your Used Graphing Calculators

Many students currently do not have access to graphing calculators and so they cannot meet all the standards in an upper-level math course. My students love to work with the same calculators that I use when I show them how to do the problems. With the end of the school year fast approaching, many students start contemplating what to do with their used graphing calculators. Perhaps you are uncertain whether you will have a continued need for a graphing calculator or you just don’t want the clutter. Another factor in your decision may be you’re your technology is outdated. Regardless of your reason, now is the perfect time to consider your options.

In addition to everything people have said, I have students who don’t have graphing calculators at home, but can access them at school. They end up being at a huge disadvantage for the SAT, because they can’t practice with/have access to a graphing calculator. Additionally, TI-84 CE graphing calculators are one of the approved calculators on the ACT and SAT tests. Since the device is allowed on the test, students would be at a disadvantage to not use a graphing calculator as a resource. However, students will not be comfortable or able to use the technology to its fullest capability unless they are shown how to use them.

In general, students are more engaged when solving real-world problems and enjoy knowing how the math they are learning in the classroom can be used in the real-world. Access to graphing calculators would enable us to solve more applicable problems. For example, some investigations look at linear equations through the lens of flight, while others look at profitability of a business by setting up a system of equations.

Selling a Used Calculator for the Do It Yourselfer

Mr. Widick will only receive his materials if this project is fully funded byDecember 2. There are many standards that show this need, and I have selected two below. I teach probability and Statistics, and we also get into some Financial lessons for my students.

Help me give my students graphing calculators to be able to handle rigorous math courses. The use of graphing calculators would also allow for better differentiation. Currently, nearly all analysis and interpretation of results requires some previous calculations or graphing by the student. In most cases, you will receive some compensation for your used graphing calculator even if it is not in excellent condition. If you have questions about selling your used calculator or valuation, please contact DonorsChoose makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need.

My honest opinion, for 1 calculator, contact the principal (or a math teacher!) of an underprivileged area school and just tell him/her what you want to do. They always know about struggling,good students that could benefit from it. This classroom project was brought to life by Bill Gates and 2 other donors. If you add a photo, it’ll show up right here on your project page. THE Queen says her biggest regret during her reign is failing to visit Aberfan immediately after the coal slide which killed 146 people in 1966, it has been reported. Though often overlooked when considering recyclable electronics, calculator recycling programs and locations are sprouting up nationwide.

Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you. We receive hundreds of requests to support worthwhile causes each year and unfortunately are not able to meet each request. However, every donation request submitted directly to TI will be reviewed and receive a response. Garage sale, ebay, Craigslist or other selling sites are another option for getting rid of that used calculator.