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But these Gaushalas face various problems on several aspects, particularly on the economic front. Thus, it is essential to find economical ways to run and provide shelter to many animals on a sustainable basis. Thus, the significance of cow donation becomes evident.

Feeding the cow makes all your impaired work, and you achieve success in every area of your life. Gau Daan or Food Donation to Cows would be done based on the Vedic Guidelines & on an auspicious day to gain the desired effect by this auspicious karma. Your donations are completed gifts and are not refundable. The gausewaks and saints are fortunate that they have got the opportunity to serve gaumata. I have got the opportunity to come here and serve the cow.

Since ancient times cows have been donated by kings and other people to Brahmins and others. Although it can be donated any time, but it is believed that at least one cow must be donated in one man’s life time. We had the best experience with Guruji and team for various rituals. Without Guruji’s compassion and attention to detail we would be at a loss for performing Narayan bali, pitru dosha nivarana and kalasarpa shanthi. The priests on Guruji’s team are not only eminent sanskrit scholars but also great orators and thay patiently explained each ritual, the meaning and purpose. This is very important for the newer generations to understand why we do what we do.Accomodation and food are excellent, you have the best place in Go Karna perfect for your journey!.

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We accept quality, gently used items that are ready to sell. We accept all types of clothes donations, furniture (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.), household items , jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. We don’t accept mattresses, large appliances, or items that might be subject to recall (i.e. car seats).

We all are blessed, Thanks to Raj Gopal Guruji. In life if you have any problem take advice of Guruji & do puja only & only in Gokarna by Raj Gopal Guruji, once again thanks to guruji. We had a great experience with Raj Gopala guruji and team.

Charitable cow donation has not yet gained grounds in India and hence this needs to be popularized. Many of the desi cow breeds are on the verge of extinction as cow rearing is no more a part of the household as it used to be earlier. Families in urban or rural areas no more afford to domesticate cows due to the scarcity of space, fodder and the labor involved in rearing the cows.


Cow donation or cow gift is a widespread practice in the Hindu tradition and often performed on various occasions. But this is mostly restricted to gifting the cow to the priests, temples, etc., especially for attaining set fulfillment in a religious way. The modern society has added a new dimension to cow donation and that is the charitable cow donation. This is generally performed out of the religious context and is a more social-welfare process than a religious ritual. In this Goshala, we are trying to serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way; Cows, Bulls and Calves are looked after with great care and love.

  • Cow worship is believed to be one way to attain liberation or Moksha.
  • We accept all types of clothes donations, furniture (living room, dining room, bedroom, etc.), household items , jewelry, shoes, purses, etc.
  • Rudra Centre is today a Global supplier of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantras and Hindu Puja items all across the world.
  • The priests and the ashram that offered the services welcomed us traditionally, and their service is above par..
  • On Saturday, giving grass to a cow removes one from the shackles of poverty, and one will receive blessings of wealth and prosperity.

By cow donation, visual and invisible powers help you, and you get both cosmic and supernatural fruits. Freedom from Pitra Dosh – Pitra Dosha occurs if the conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, or Venus is with Rahu. If Pitra Dosh is present, then feeding bread, jaggery, fodder, etc., to the cow every day or Amavasya ends the Pitra Dosh. On Tuesday, giving water and food to the cow will provide housing and land purchase opportunities.

When you donate clothing, furniture, household items, (and more!) you are helping your local community. All of the proceeds from The Purple Cow go directly to The Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge. The Purple Cow now offers THREE days of furniture pick up in the Greater Baton Rouge area! Got a couch that needs to go or some tables and chairs that need a new home? • Make a monetary donation online at or at any of our Purple Cow location.

The puja was done sincerely and all the rituals were followed. I would definitely want to visit the mandir and get puja done in live as well. Very satisfied with the puja done here.Experienced gurujis, good ambiance. Overall awesome experience.Stay was comfortable, hygienic.

Our ‘Adopt a Cow’ option is for those who would like to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and health of an individual cow. The cost for this will vary from farm to farm or sanctuary depending on factors such as the number of winter months the cows need to eat hay, and whether caretakers are volunteers or paid workers. The average cost for maintaining one cow is calculated to be $ 200 per month. Online donation is a way of sending money to a recipient through internet banking or other internet enabled apps. This has created a revolution in the banking transactions and gained popularity across the society ever since its inception. This system enables people to do banking transactions on their fingertips and the recipient gets the money within a matter of minutes or a few hours in case first-time the transaction between two accounts.

Heifer International is a well-known organization offering charitable cow donation platform. Though Gaushalas have various purposes, their main aim is to provide shelter to abandoned cattle, improve the health of infirm, unproductive, sick cattles. Along with that, Gaushalas help in preserving the Indian breeds.

Putting the cow symbol on the ground in the East-South-East zone gives positive results by eliminating grief, problems of mind, and anxiety. According to Vastu Shastra, a cow is kept in the home to increase happiness and good luck in the family. Establishing the emblem of a cow and its calf at home gives a worthy child, and there is a mutual love between the parents and the offspring.