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Meet Oracle’s Top Executive Departures and Hires in 2022

With a simple interface, and autopopulated fields to enable a fast and seamless experience. As well as the impact of their its to enable proactive development of retention plans. By automating the classification of key corporate card transactions. In the income statement and balance sheet categories to enable organizational agility. And deployed an EPM-focused roadmap that includes Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service and Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting. Use synonyms for the keyword you typed, for example, try "application" instead of "software."

  • Miranda is an Oracle veteran in charge of different aspects of the company’s cloud-software business, including product development and strategy.
  • Those job cuts have mostly impacted its marketing and customer experience divisions.
  • The sales team can now focus on high-value activities to optimize their customer engagements.
  • Loaiza, who has been with Oracle for more than 30 years, is helping to lead the company’s efforts to expand the reach of its flagship database product.
  • We deliver an accelerated expense submission experience that is simple, intuitive, and fast.

"Oracle‘s leadership doesn’t know the cloud," he told Business Insider. "The top leadership of Oracle is largely living in the 1980s from the standpoint of the business model, and that model doesn’t appear to work for cloud businesses." These 12 executives are leading Oracle’s bid to expand its reach in cloud computing. Here are what a few of your peers are saying about making the journey with Oracle. Avoid complexity by starting with what is required versus what can be eliminated.

We’ve shown you the process for our four lines of business and the value we’ve gained from each. Collaborate with IT and cross-functional business teams on the best approach. We can reach our customers at any time, and they can consume information tailored to their needs. Our marketing team uses personalization to gain targeted audience segmentation so they can tailor campaigns to specific personas.

Laying the Groundwork for the End-to-End Cloud Journey

His role at Oracle will be filled by Dru Borden, a vice president of cloud software development, according to an email viewed by Insider. Ng leads Oracle’s initiatives in offering cloud software used by enterprises to run different parts of the business, also referred to as enterprise resource planning, or ERP. Oracle said that since acquiring NetSuite in 2016, NetSuite has become one of its successful cloud-software businesses, with more than 18,000 customers. The cloud has led to the rise of startups offering new tools and services from security and data storage to analytics and AI. Like other major cloud players, Oracle is looking to draw those startups and entrepreneurs into its orbit. Boettcher also launched the Oracle Cloud Institute, where employees, partners, and customers can get training and mentoring on Oracle’s cloud products.

Here Are 12 Execs Leading Oracle’s Cloud Computing Push – Business Insider

Here Are 12 Execs Leading Oracle‘s Cloud Computing Push.

Posted: Thu, 08 Aug 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

With Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud, our teams can analyze data directly out of the modules to make smart business decisions. For order management and supply chain, in both back-to-back and drop-ship processing, via autosynchronization. To enable managers to create job postings and extend offers with ease, reducing dependence on recruiting assistance. And create and share career development plans to help them achieve their career goals. With targeted development actions to help them proactively prepare teams for the future—succession, promotion, and retention. From talent profile creation through development planning, to simplify and accelerate the process.

Oracle VP Leah Yomtovian shares the benefits of the transformation. Lindner spent most of his career helping SAP outsell Oracle in the enterprise-software market. He said he joined Oracle three years ago when he became more impressed with the Silicon Valley giant’s strategy in adapting to a major shift in the way corporations bought and used software. Powering these reimagined processes requires the right automation—automation that connects all the pieces from end to end. Only with automation based on feedback and continued technology innovation can you gain the continuous improvement that today’s business requires. We deliver an exceptional sales experience that enables the sales team to focus on customer success.

We continuously reimagine the employee service experience based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation. We can continuously reimagine the career development experience, based on feedback, analysis, and technology innovation. Redshaw is a senior vice president of Oracle’s cloud in the Middle East and Africa region, and he joined the database giant in February, according to his LinkedIn profile. He joined the database giant in June, according to his LinkedIn profile, and has planned to hire "hundreds" of engineers to build Oracle’s healthcare platforms. As part of his new role, Johnson is set to oversee engineering and product for all of its new healthcare division’s applications and platform services. Top Cerner leaders like the chief technology officer Jerome Labat and the chief product officer Brenna Quinn now report to Johnson.

Alternatively, continue through the eBook in a linear fashion to read them all. You can come back to this page at any time from the tab in the top left corner of your screen. You’ll see these four areas of experience design throughout this ebook as we explain our tactics and report our results.

Leveraging the Oracle Cloud Platform

I am a Senior Vice President, North American National Technology Sales at Oracle. I was responsible for a 1 billion dollar + technology business serving the U.S. and Canada. I have had a lot of customer service experience, both in the United States and Canada. I have been responsible for leading sales teams and providing customer service for a variety of businesses. I have a deep understanding of the products and services that Oracle offers, and I know how to get the best out of my customers.

The key is to start eliminating those unnecessary steps and simplifying the ones that remain and that are necessary for success. The experience will continuously improve and you will win the hearts and minds of the constituents you serve. As we embarked on our business transformation, Oracle Cloud proved to be the ideal platform to enable the rapid change we needed, as demonstrated by the results and metrics detailed in this ebook.

We required a technology foundation that enabled us to focus on strategy and needed systems that could give us better visibility into our talent. And we needed one end-to-end solution that was easy to use, had strong reporting and analytics, and was flexible enough to support our growth and acquisition strategy. Oracle is leveraging Oracle Cloud to transform business processes and create exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Like others on the Oracle team, he thinks the software giant’s technology and track record of working with major players and industries will eventually propel it to the top of the cloud. However, becoming an end-to-end cloud enterprise is possible only when cloud solutions are at the same level of reliability, performance, and security as your on-premise technology. Everything you run in the cloud needs to be secure from core to edge, enabling you to leverage the latest advances in automation technology. You can attain this only through cloud technology provided by the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Then, working across processes and teams, reimagine the underlying experience. Oracle Cloud gives us new features every quarter that help us innovate the experience and stay ahead of our customers’ needs. We’re now able to listen to our customers and take immediate action to continuously improve the experience we deliver to them. There isn’t a component of the Oracle Cloud stack that we haven’t put to work.

So the finance team could get revealing insights into high volumes of data with any mobile device in any environment. By leveraging multiledger, multicurrency journal entries and reduced global standard expense allocations by 98% to create time efficiencies and enhance control during the crunch close process. The transformation of our finance operations has been integral to the shift in our business model. For our reimagining of finance at Oracle, we had three key objectives.