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22 Legitimate Donation Certificate Templates for Your Next Campaign

If you are organizing a silent auction event to raise funds – you might need our silent auction bid sheets. A bold red seal and red accents set off the otherwise classic color combination of a white background and gray border on this certificate example. It’s perfect for recognizing the generosity of donors for various organizations, from churches to food banks. Are you going to raise funds for a noble cause like for providing food items or essential supplies for natural disaster survivors or to fund underprivileged children? Even, if you are making some serious efforts to fund an event, a project or for skill development, you need a donation from known and unknown people. In such cases, you will require certificates of appreciation for donation to present them to the donators.

In addition, patented methods to provide donations includes certificates as crucial element to recognize donors. A silver and red seal, along with a swirled border, stand out brilliantly on this donation certificate. The leafy crown symbol makes this template perfect for recognizing high achievers in business or for recognizing the biggest contributors to a charitable organization. The certificate has narrow borders at only two of its opposite sides, While one side has a blue border, the other side has a red border, but each of them has white stars at equal distances.

  • The certificate is elegant and deserves to be given as an acknowledgment to the nice gesture of donors.
  • The appraisal must be completed no later than 60 days from the donation date and the appraiser will need to authorizeIRS Form 8283 – Section A.
  • The image of blood droplets adds a certain element of drama to the donor appreciation certificate design.
  • The leafy crown symbol makes this template perfect for recognizing high achievers in business or for recognizing the biggest contributors to a charitable organization.
  • Donation certificates are predominantly used by charitable trusts and Non-government organizations across the world.
Use this Excel donation list template to mark whether each donation is tax-deductible for easy calculation of your deductions at the end of the year. Check out these pretty sweet and new printable Donation Certificate Templates that are free to download and print out as you need them easily. The graphics of a red cross, hands, and blood drops make this a great document to give to generous blood donors or kidney transplant donors who are saving lives with their generosity. If you operate a non-profit organization, then donors may be able to use their donation as a tax deduction. Not every NGO qualifies for this status, but if your organization does then this is a selling point you want to mention in your donation request. Small donors typically feel their donations are insignificant in the broader scope of the cause you represent.

The certificate oozes elegance and has nice motifs to its top and bottom. It also has a distinctive font style for its text and has an impressive illustration that makes it more endearing. At the end, you will immediately receive the document in Word and PDF formats. You can then open the Word document to modify it and reuse it however you wish.

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We are always eager to know your views and opinions about our efforts. The blue and white certificate with an illustration of a globe, graduation cap and two school kids at one corner looks ideal for awarding to people who have donated their valuables for the cause of educating kids in need. The Recipient Organization of this donation must elect an official that can sign this document on its behalf.

Soothing blue tones, flower-like accents, and intertwining border graphics are the hallmarks of this handsome design. Give this in thanks for monetary contributions or as a volunteer appreciation award for those who’ve contributed their time to nature- or environment-related charitable organizations. Its simple layout and Word document format make it easy to modify and readily accessible to people of all proficiency levels with the computer. So you can personally address each certificate with the donor’s name and details of their kind donation. The certificate has a rustic look and a large dollar sign inside a bright yellow circle to the left of its header. Rest of the certificate is simple with its text in contrasting black aligned to the center.

The backdrop is a white background with a black border, while a handsome red seal completes the design. It’s a great template to show appreciation for charitable donations of money or merchandise. The certificate features a beautiful border in subtle color with white space on all sides. While its left pane has illustrations of dogs and their footprints on a contrasting background, the right pane consists of text in black and orange on a pristine white background.

Encourage Donations Through Donor Recognition

However, it is the presence of a bright red-blue badge to the left of the text and an elegant header that makes it beautiful. The certificate is extremely beautiful with double border and attractive motifs in light green on a white background. There is also an image of a pair of palms near the bottom and a header in green. The certificate feature two images of trees in the background as a watermark on a white text box bordered with a green narrow line.

With a nice little illustration in blue, green and black at one corner, the rest of the certificate features a no-frill design. The light background and the text in contrasting color seem perfect to recognize the efforts of donators with all sincerity for reconstruction of a hospital. Now that you have the information you need to fundraise successfully for the causes that are most important to you, you’re ready to begin. Simply download a donation certificate template from our site and fill it out with your organization’s information. Apart from the benefits already discussed, you’ll also give each donor a memento of the difference they made in someone’s life. Donors like to be recognized for offering their hard-earned money to causes they care about.

The above mentioned research studies proves that donation certificates are the unflawed way to recognize the altruistic efforts of your target audience. You can also use these donation certifies as receipts for donation – provided you add value of donation in the certificates. So feel free to use these donation certificates and customize them for your need.