American National Red Cross

American National Red Cross

Every day, Red Cross volunteers are there to provide compassionate care for those in need. They roll up their sleeves and donate time, money or blood as well as learn life-saving skills so that when the need arises our communities can be better prepared. This is because we know it’s not a matter of if but rather when disaster strikes – which is why they’re needed every single day!

Our Work

The Red Cross volunteers and staff are committed to carrying out the mission of “supplying physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians with needed training” ( They work tirelessly to help those in need by providing humanitarian relief as well as disaster services that include food distribution during natural disasters and sheltering people who cannot return home for a multitude of reasons. From support groups at times when all seems hopeless or emergencies happen unexpectedly right up until you feel comfortable being prepared; these amazing individuals will be there every step along the way.

Disaster Relief
Learn how we help families and communities recover from disasters

Lifesaving Blood
Learn about our blood donation processes, requirements, hosting opportunities and more

Training & Certification
Learn about our health & safety courses for individuals and companies

International Services
Learn how we deliver aid and support programs around the world

Military Families
Learn how we help service members, veterans and their families

Who We Are

What are the Red Cross? A humanitarian organization that provides relief for people around the world in times of crisis, disaster and war. The American Red Cross is a charitable organization which was founded by Clara Barton on May 21st 1881 with its headquarters located at Washington D.C.: this means it has been serving Americans since day one!

The story begins when an outbreak occurred from cholera during Panama’s construction project: because there weren’t any adequate preventive measures taken to prevent another global pandemic; so they had nothing but their own hands-on knowledge until they were finally able to take control as soon two years later thanks largely due to Dr John Snow who first suspected waterborne transmission back then – he even warned authorities about what might happen.

Current company information

CATEGORYDomestic Needs
HEADQUARTERSWashington, District of Columbia

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