World Vision

World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that strives to provide hope, joy and justice for all children through its various child protection, disaster management, health and nutrition education economic development water. World Vision has been around since 1950 when the United Nations granted it special consultative status with ECOSOC (Economic Council of Social) as an NGO. In partnership with churches in other countries they use their vast network of volunteers who are usually national citizens from those particular countries where employed by them on project sites worldwide.


Childhood is a time to learn how to be loved for who you are without judgement or fear of rejection; it shouldn’t have the meaning associated with past trauma in your life – but instead represent new beginnings where all people will feel safe and cared for. We try to build loving communities so kids can grow up free from abuse and neglect while feeling healthy enough emotionally as well as physically- both mentally AND bodily because they know someone cares about them no matter what happens throughout their lives!


When tragedy strikes, we are on the ground providing immediate relief to those in need. We stay there helping rebuild lives for children and families who have lost everything.


The way we empower communities is to put them in the driver’s seat. We equip and guide our partners with skills, knowledge, and resources so they can set their own goals for progress after WE leave because that’s when it really counts: sustainability!

We provide everything from training programs on new technologies or business practices to financial literacy courses; anything you need along your entrepreneurial journey.


The education system at the school is designed to help students have fulfilling and productive lives. We provide an inclusive, quality education for life in a nurturing and safe learning environment that promotes all children’s rights.

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