Where To Donate Rosaries

Where to donate catholic religious items

Local catholic schools may benefit immensely from donations of religious items. Whether the donated items are new or used, catholic schools can put them to use in their school religious services. I am a diocesan priest in the diocese of Salem, Tamilnadu, southern side of India. A priest of 13 years had been appointed so far in 3 parishes as parish priest.

  • Remember, when burning or burying things, the general environmental rules must be followed.
  • Therefore, the usual “rule of thumb” is that anything that has been blessed must be burned or simply buried.
  • Give away free rosaries and bring God’s peace to the world.
  • Living a life dedicated to God makes as much sense as the sunshine in our world.
  • You will receive a quarterly Newsletter where names and addresses of missions needing Rosaries are listed.

Usually, beads come in a variety of sizes based on personal preferences. After some time, it is expected that rosary beads will begin disintegrating and wearing out. The Catholic religion has a variety of religious items including rosaries that after some times are discontinued from active use.

Does a rosary have to be blessed?

In the former case, the object is destroyed, thus removing its blessing, and the ashes can simply be thrown away. Please, no more donations of Rosaries or other items can be accepted by our apostolate at this time. My mom and I just joined the forum a couple days ago.


Giving is also an act of religious significance especially when done in the context of churches. To donate by mailing in a check, visit our on-line store. To lead Souls to Christ by spreading devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, particularly through her Rosary, and whatever the greatest need is. For the Education of our Student Brothers in formation , it costs $25 for 4 hours of formation per student.

Rosaries for Ukraine Donation Fund

Remember, when burning or burying things, the general environmental rules must be followed. Don’t bury items that are not biodegradable or burnt religious paraphernalia that emits toxic fumes that may pollute the environment. If the items are not blessed or dedicated by a priest, the best way is to throw them away. Depending on how old the items are you can either burn them or bury them.

Many Christians are of the former "untouchables" caste. They have little and are not part of any Indian economic boom.To support the Faith and Spirituality of the people. If the items are still in a usable condition, you may give them away as a gift. You may want to time your gift to coincide with a certain occasion. For instance, you may gift your oved ones or random people in church a crucifix or a commemorative frame during baptism.