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10 Amazing Places to Donate Your Quilts

We are convinced you will enjoy the benefits of becoming a member and having access to the best instructional how to videos and professional tips. We would like to offer you a special promotion for your first year membership. Robin Prechter September 6th, 2018 I was viewing your website showing several older veterans in blue jackets seated in a row. I am almost certain the gentleman seated in the second seat on the right is my father, Robert von Allmen.

This ranges from children’s hospitals, neonatal units, military organizations, and many more. You can donate a quilt at any time, or take part in their sponsored sew days and biennial quilt show. Put your crafting prowess to good use by looking through this list, and you can get started making charity quilts in no time! You’ll transform lives with just a little bit of thread, fabric, and love. Sharon Oldenburg March 6th, 2019 Your local children’s foster care office is also often in need of quilts for children who have to be removed from their homes – ages newborn to teen. Reply ELVIRA July 5th, 2019 Thought you should be aware that we have a Quilts of Valour organisation here in Australia too.

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For over twenty years, quilts have been distributed to charitable organizations and homeless shelters in the greater Cincinnati area. Fleece blankets of quilts for children in foster care. Handmade baby quilts and blankets are collected and distributed to children in need across the US. Yarn and fabric can also be donated.

  • She and a group of her friends about 10 have donated well over 50 quilts.
  • There are currently no images from other quilters.
  • Lorea Boogerman November 10th, 2019 Please look at the website for victoriasquiltscanada.com for information on donating to the many branches in Canada.
  • If anyone has cotton scraps let me know.

I now donate gorgeous little quilts to NICU at our local hospital for premature babies for new mums to take home with their baby as a keepsake. Find their quilting requirements here, and learn more about the organization here. I still have some unfinished Dresden plates or fans that I plan to use in a quilt guild challenge (finishing a UFO project by our Jan. 2017 meeting here in Kansas). The other place to look is your local churches. Again, there is usually a member group who works on projects.

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Several years ago, when my Mother died unexpectedly and much too soon at 71, my Dad was bereft at all the fabric and projects that she never got to. Honor your special service member or veteran in our Generations of Service collection. Your minimum donation of $100 places their photo, branch of service and service dates in our virtual photo album. Investments support the Quilts of Valor Foundations’ programs and activities for generations to come.

This nation-wide foundation seeks to award those who have selflessly given their valor, service, and courage with handmade and high-quality quilts. To learn how to make your own Quilt of Valor and join in on the giving spirit of patriotism, click here. But how do you know where to donate quilts?

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Instead of finishing one quilt, I sent a flower garden block to each of my 25 cousins . If they were quilters or sewers, I included some vintage material as well. Quilting is something that stays done, unlike housework and laundry. It provides a mental vacation when there’s not enough $$ in the bank or time on the clock for a real one. In response to your question about your Grandmother’s quilting supplies…