Where To Donate Old Music Books

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Are you looking for places to donate books where you can also get something in exchange? If so, then you should definitely check into donating to local used bookstores in your area. We want to be able to circulate music among approximately 1.2 million items. Whether you would like to donate sheet music or not, we look forward to it. There are numerous collections related to music, including international music libraries.

Sheet music cover art is popular among interior decorators; often used as wallpaper or placed in picture frames, for example. Will distribute donated paperback or hardcover books to the eponymous homeless shelters or thrift stores. Another option is to check for more local services that will pick up your books. For instance, Re-Book It is a service run by The Last Bookstore that will pick up your books if you are in the Los Angeles area.

  • OfferUp is a website where people can get buy and sell stuff locally, and ship items too.
  • Donate your piano to thrift stores if you believe it will need plenty of repair work and maintenance.
  • Almost every interior decorating style uses sheet music as cover art; they are often used as wallpaper or placed on framed pictures.
  • It’s important to know exactly what sheet music you have before you try to sell it.
  • Once you’re set up, you can view requests and send books directly to soldiers.
  • It is funded without any contribution from any branch of government.

But you can find even more local charities to donate your used books to with DonationTown.Org. 5miles is a website where you can buy and sell things in your area. It has a section just for free stuff where you can give items away. So if you’re looking to donate books near you, then give the site a try. Just give them a call to see if they’d be willing to accept your used books. Ever wondered, “Can I donate books to my local library?

Is there any value in old sheet music?

As we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. A general lifestyle writer, Leah covers everything from cleaning hacks and consumer products to travel and pets for RD.com. When she isn’t working you will find her chasing after her four children or working on her 100-plus year-old-home outside of Philadelphia. Freelancing -be it writing articles, coding, design, editing, or whatever else kind of project is one of the first options most of look at when … This website allows you to find charities near you with free donation pick up. Just enter the name of the books you want to give away.

As with Goodwill, donations to the Salvation Army are tax-deductible if you itemize. Otherwise, look for nonprofit organizations in your area that collect and distribute books. One example is the Children’s BookBank, a Portland, Oregon-based group that organizes book drives to supply reading material to lower-income families. Fortunately, the breaking point arrived just as my family geared up for a cross-town move. We gladly took the opportunity to donate dozens of hardbound and paperback books to local tax-exempt charities. Because we itemized our income tax deductionsthat year, we actually made a decent amount of money on the deal thanks to the federal tax deduction for eligible donations.

Local theaters and museums

If you want to donate books through this organization you need to mail them directly to individual soldiers. Most homeless shelters or any of these other options will accept gently used donated books, and you can find these places across the country. However, once you determine what books you have that are acceptable to your local library, donation is quite easy. Proceeds from thrift store sales go in part to helping fund job training and placement programs for people who need jobs. If you want to understand what your options are to donate books, check out the following places where you can share the gift of knowledge through your old books.

No-one gets paid, it’s not fancy, it’s not all done-up and really does rely on people being kind. They are often conveniently located and you can find a drop-off location near you on their site. Whether you’re moving, cleaning, or just sick of looking at a to-be-read pile that will never get done, there comes a time in every reader’s life where they must give away books. When you’re trying to decide what to do with unwanted books, another simple way to donate them is to list them in your local Buy Nothing group . The Buy Nothing project is a space where people in your local community can offer items they no longer want/need for free to anyone else in the community.

Send them to DonationTown to give them a second life. They accept “like new” children’s books that are not scribbled upon or visibly damaged. Old sheet music that is available at local music stores can be resold for profit by local music stores. Sheet music can also be resold from some resellers. Decorators often use sheet music cover art to hang picture frames or wallpaper, as well as to decorate their homes.

Appraisers we have used and trusted are Scott Neuman and Stephen Braitman . Professional organizations include the American Society of Appraisers, and The Appraisers Association of America.Make sure the appraiser specializes in sound recordings. According to the IRS any donation exceeding a FMV of $5,000.00 requires a professional appraisal. Not-for-profit entities are forbidden by law to place a value on materials that are being offered for donation. We are very interested in collecting and preserving Modern Classical and Avant Garde/experimental recording and any homemade or recordings made by visual artists. In 2017 we contributed much of this material to help with the publication of Art Record Covers from Taschen Books.