Where To Donate Guinea Pigs Near Me

Where To Donate Guinea Pigs

Hi, my girls and I want to adopt two a babys or young guinea pigs. We are a warm and loving family and we will add them to our family. Would appreciate it if you donate the cage and all their accessories. If you are looking for guinea pigs to adopt, then those that are ACTIVE or ADOPTIONS ONLY may have guinea pigs for you. But, that doesn’t mean that a less active rescue can’t help!

  • We promote awareness to prevent overpopulation, dumping and to keep animals in homes through relinquishment intervention strategies.
  • Surrender requests come in every day, usually between daily.
  • They are very sweet and love human interaction!
  • We are doing everything thing we safely can do to bring in some monies.

Just assurance that the piggies will not be separated and go to a loving home preferably with kids but not required. "More than 2,000 guinea pigs were rescued and adopted out last year alone." We work with law enforcement when our assistance and expertise is needed for a neglect and/or hoarding case. We specialize in getting sick pigs healthy and back on their feet. I make educational YouTube videos on everything guinea pig to freely share all I have learned in my many years of caring for these humble and gentle creatures.

Nobody wants to adopt him , may you rescue him. We are doing everything thing we safely can do to bring in some monies. We are doing fun raffles, work hard on the youtube channel, sell supplies at the adoptions days etc etc. Again, thank you thank you for thinking of the guinea pigs!! And thank you so much for you life saving donation. Surrender requests come in every day, usually between daily.

Free with large cage, bedding and food. I live in the Saratoga Springs NY area. We work tirelessly to rescue guinea pigs from kill shelters and communities to find them loving, forever homes.

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Hi, I’m looking to adopt 1 male guinea pig. Would you be willing to adopt them out separately? I’m in Queens but will be in Woodmere, LI on Thanksgiving. I have a lovely 3 year old male guinea pig in NYC looking for a new home since we are moving to Europe soon. L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption Center is located in Chatsworth, CA. We are a NO-KILL private shelter.

You’ll be missing them before you know it. It keeps a space free at the Rescue to save other lives. I have 2 guinea pigs that I am trying to place due to allergies. I will give with everything, cage, etc. Hey, I and my girls looking for guinea pigs to adopt, if they are still with you will be happy to adopt them.

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I learned there were not just dog rescues, but even breed-specific dog rescues. There were rat rescues, turtle rescues, pigeon rescues, and tons of bunny rescues, but nothing at all for guinea pigs. I haven’t looked back from that first day I opened the doors. I’m going to assume that you already asked your friends and family about taking on your guinea pigs. If you have a little time there are several sources you can use to list your guinea pigs for adoption. Sometimes guinea pigs that come into Rescue are very frail or have health issues, these piggies will live in our piggy retirement shed for the rest of their days.

We provide plenty of hay for them to hide in so they can come out and explore when they feel ready to do so. Suntree-Viera Pet Rescue – Based in Melbourne, Brevard County. The Mission of Suntree Viera Humane Society, Inc., is to alleviate pain and suffering of all animals. If I have learned anything in the years of doing this work, it is that there is a tremendous need for the services we provide. Make A Big Difference in the life of a little pet. Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place .

I think we are doing a good job servicing our local community but the ambitions go beyond that. My goal is to open up a low cost guinea pig specific teaching clinic. A place where guinea pig and their owners can get low cost treatment and veterinaries from all over the world can come and learn the intricacies of guinea pig medicine. If you can find and catch the poor thing, you can take it to a shelter or rescue. Though dogs and cats get all the attention, they do take in other pets, and there may even be a guinea pig-specific rescue in your area. We will never put a guinea pig put to sleep because it is unwanted.

The only time a piggy is put to sleep is when their pain cannot be alleviated. We have a very knowledgeable vet so when this decision is made we know it is the right one. It is very stressful for a guinea pig to move to a different environment.

I am disabled do to a car accident and this has been a wonderful outlet for me. On the flip side, I have been living in my home mortgage free as the bank has bought my home and now I HAVE TO BE OUT. I dont know what to do with my babies. I cant take them with me where I am going and I AM CRUSHED. Can you please help them soon, I just want them loved and spoiled like I did. It hurts to have to let them go but I have too. I will be waiting to hear back if you can help me or direct me. I have two lovely guinea pigs looking for a new home.

Then press ‘Enter’ or Click ‘Search’, you’ll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots where mini-pins show the top search results for you.

Crazy Cavies– Based in Lauderhill, Crazy cavies is a no Kill guinea pig only rescue that provides a temporary safe haven for abandoned, neglected and/or homeless guinea pigs. Piggyville– Piggyville is a private Cavy rescue and sanctuary in Tampa Florida USA. We’ve been taking in guinea pigs and looking after them for 25 years. When you enter the location of donate guinea pigs, we’ll show you the best results with shortest distance, high score or maximum search volume.

It is never an easy decision to hand over your guinea pigs. The most common reason for guinea pigs coming into Rescues is that they were bought for children who have now lost interest. Due to an ongoing chronic illness we are unable to accept surrenders or hold any adoptions. Educate the public on general and proper care of these animals, and offer general support through literature and counseling.

And unfortunately, there are usually too many of those. Hello, I have two female guinea pigs that are two years old. I can’t keep anymore because my health isn’t that great. I have 2 female guinea pigs if you are interested.