Where To Donate Fabric And Sewing Supplies

30+ Places to Donate Your Surplus Craft Supplies

If you have tops that are larger than you want to do on your domestic, I will accept them, finish them and donate them. I can also use yardage for backing of the tops. If you have any questions, contact me at Thanks in advance for your consideration and generosity. Check with your local highschool I teach FCS and I’m always welcoming fabric for my student’s sewing projects.

Rarely a month goes by that Project Linus is not featured in a national magazine or program. Residential, commercial, and all group bulk pick-ups have been temporarily suspended. However, you may donate curbside through our Clothing & Housewares Curbside Collection program.

The OFR Backpacks are filled with vital supplies and comforting items. They send the backpacks to combat support hospitals. Wounded soldiers receive them as they arrive without any personal belongings or suitable clothing.

With limited funds and access to fabric stores, these senior organizations could benefit from a generous donation. A few times every month I get an email or call from someone asking what they can do with their unwanted fabric. Often, a family member has died and the fabric was part of the estate, but sometimes someone simply realizes they’ll never use all the fabric they’ve accumulated over the years. If the fabric is in good shape, don’t throw it away! There are organizations who will gladly accept it as a contribution and put it to good use, but finding them may take a few phone calls.

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Senior centres are usually underfunded and are always accepting gifts, donations and volunteers. More often than not this will annoy the organisation. In the past this has lead to organisations no longer accepting donations. Some charities as well as organizations that approve fabric contributions use collection, however the majority of will ask that you bring the things to them directly.

Many nursing homes also accept donations of fabric and remnants. They use fabric in nursing home activities and craft projects for residents. Call the nursing home office to see if they are interested. We recommend calling ahead to any of these groups before dropping off your extra craft supplies.

You can find a wealth of helpful instructions and guidance (including how-to videos) for sewing these items at daysforgirls.org. There’s also information on how to locate or start your own local Days for Girls volunteer team at daysforgirls.org. I would love to create a big resource where people can come and find their nearest fabric donations point. Art, design, fashion and performing arts departments that are always looking for fabric donations for the students to use.

Before you contact the charity, type with the material to see what you have. Joyce Carter – send your email address to -advt.com and I will send you fabric. Filled w quilt, book, stuffed animal, and hygiene products. Sew Blessed Kentuckianamakes clothing to donate to children in third world countries. 19 Quilts for Natalie is an organization that provides quilts for cancer patients and grieving parents dealing with the loss of a child. Don’t miss out on our newsletter, featuring all the latest stories and products we love.