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How to Donate Adult Diapers

Choose your charity from the list and contact them to schedule a pickup at a time convenient for you. Like PickUpMyDonation, Donation Town connects you with local charities that offer pickup services. So if you have large furniture to donate, you don’t have to worry about how to get it there.

It also occasionally brings donated effects directly to those who need them. Most daycare centers will accept these diapers without much of a hassle. Make sure to explain to them that you have thrown out those diapers your child has used, if any still exist.


Tape the packaging closed, with such tapes like packaging tape or Duct tape. Use a wrapping technique that will secure the package around the diapers. Make sure that the package can be folded around as much of the remainder of the product, so air cannot seep into it. If you don’t have an account, create one today to start your list. This is one of the biggest expenses for a family that is caring for someone at home. See if there is a Homecare in the area and ask if they have patients that could use them.

But when it comes to decluttering our homes, toys are a unique challenge. It’s possible to ship clothing to them, though shipments are currently on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. For updated information on Career Gear operations during this time, email When a woman has a job interview, she can schedule an appointment with Dress for Success.

– The Kids Equipment Network

Those with cognitive impairment, such as dementia, may require diapers because they may not recognize their need to reach a toilet. The organization holds monthly clinics and helps families with disabled children in different ways, such as through hospitals, schools, events and even word of mouth. It provides relief and supplies to millions of disabled individuals and their families, across the globe.

  • Assuming you have back up forms available for when you try to potty-train the child, try donating them, if you have other forms of "big kid" wear available.
  • Organizations also accept donations of power tools, including drills, chainsaws, electric saws, and other power equipment.
  • So start by searching for a chapter near you on the Becca’s Closet website.
  • Pack your tools, schedule your donation pickup online, and leave the rest to our pickup drivers.
  • They have over 4,000 Goodwill thrift stores in the US selling donated clothing, tools, toys, and more.

It also uses them to help lift those in developing countries out of poverty. For some clothing types, you can do more good by making sure your gently used garments end up in the closets of the people who need them but can’t otherwise afford them. If one of them expresses interest, you can choose which one gets it. The Furniture Bank Network operates in 34 states, giving all accepted furniture directly to those in need.

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