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We will take vintage clothing, costumes pieces, and accessories other than wigs. Small hand props like fans, wallets, suitcases, and briefcases are fine, but we do not have the storage for any other type of item. With your payment, please make sure to indicate your name, email address, phone number , and weight of the box and items you are donating. TDF is a not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone since 1968. If you are a non-profit organization that rents from us, you may want to donate for rental credit. We usually assign a dollar amount for each costume we keep.

Ballet Slippers, jazz, and tap shoes that are NEW or in a very gently used condition that were worn just once or twice, cleaned, and sanitized. PLEASE do not send any old and visibly used dance shoes. Ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop dance costumes that do not have any stains or odor and are in very good condition. Making a donation of your gently used costumes and dancewear is easier than you might think.

A local charity called Donate 2 Dance was born when a mom in Manhattan told her two daughters to clean out their closets. Costume Callback Inc. is a 501 nonprofit, tax exempt charitable corporation. Paula worked as a publicist and marketing director on Broadway before segueing into Arts & Education. She now works with both Gifted & Talented and Autistic Children one-on-one, combining creative thinking and the arts with academics, and behavior management. You will need to keep your receipt in a safe place if you intend to claim your donation as a tax deduction. Deductions usually have to be documented in case of tax audit.

What can you do with old dance shoes?

Advancing the power of dance by providing costumes to children and teens in need. Check with local theater companies, pre-school programs, or school drama and dance departments. You can try eBay of course or you can try one of several costume resellers. This Best Friend Friday, dancing sisters Ava and Sophia Paley, ages 14 and 12, open up about starting Donate 2 Dance, an organization that collects attire for young dancers in need. Plus, Tiler Peck, a New York City Ballet dancer, stops by with a surprise. For more than ten years, Traveling Tutus has been collecting and delivering costumes around the world.

  • Goodspeed Costume Rentals accepts clothing, hat, and accessory donations from individuals, organizations, vintage stores, opera companies, Broadway production companies, and costume designers, etc.
  • With your payment, please make sure to indicate your name, email address, phone number , and weight of the box and items you are donating.
  • We will gladly accept any donation if you are willing to drop it off or ship it to us.
  • We are happy to share that we are now able to offer discounted shipping ($15 a box up to 50lbs) to all of our USA supporters.

I wanted to share the love and passion of dance, and bring that magic moment in the life of children who may otherwise never have a costume of their own." Bring smiles, uplift spirits, and build confidence by collecting, donating, and distributing gently used dance costumes and shoes to dance programs serving children in challenging environments. Pack your gently used dancewear and costumes in any shippable box and see how much it weighs.

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See all of the place we have been able to send to because of the support of our partners. Our Receiving Department is currently closed and not accepting costumes. Wewill remain closed until our warehouse is caught up on donations.

Traveling Tutus mission is to provide new and gently used dance attire to children around the world to instill confidence, self-expression, and joy through the gift of dance! Traveling Tutus is a registered 5013 non-profit organization. Truly, there are SO many amazing moments and memories that we could list. We are always looking for vintage clothing or costume pieces. We will gladly accept any donation if you are willing to drop it off or ship it to us. Unfortunately we do not have a dedicated truck service to pick up items in New York and surrounding areas.

We then pair the dancer off with a program in his/her local town so they can donate directly to a program in need. Palmira started Costume Callback at 13-years-old, noticing that most dancers’ beautiful recital costumes would later sit inside their closets after just one or two performances. Noticing that sacrifices are often made to purchase such costumes, she wanted to pay-it-forward by giving them to programs that work with teens and children in under served communities.

How much do dance costume makers make?

Donations made to nonprofit organizations are often tax deductible, and can be used for a tax write-off in many places. We depend on a continuing flow of costume donations to replace old stock and expand our resources. As a matter of fact, we could not properly serve organizations in need of costumes across the United States if not for generous contributions. Do a simple Google search for consignment & secondhand shops in your area and give them a call before heading in with your dancewear. Donating to local thrifts stores like Goodwill is another good option for getting rid of old clothes without throwing them away.

American Dance Movement believes that participation in dance connects the mind and body, promotes health and wellbeing, connects us with others and enables us to find joy through dance and movement. The feet portions can be placed around fruits or veggies to keep them off the ground or protect them from pests. You can also line the insides of pots to keep soil from leaking out with the water.

All money raised through GoFundMe and yearly bake sales goes towards shipping boxes of donations. Once we receive your monetary donation, we will email you a link where you can purchase a $15 shipping label, which will allow you to ship a box of donated items up to 30 lb directly to us. Please print and attach that label to the box of items that you would like to donate and drop off that box at your nearest UPS store. We truly appreciate and are so grateful for every donation we receive from our supporters and so happy we can offer this discounted shipping rate, but you are more than welcome to select your own method of shipping.

If you are a private individual or a business and want to donate to us, we will offer you a letter for your taxes with an inventory of the items. Although your gift is tax deductible, we cannot value this type of donation. We recommend you seek the assistance of your tax professional especially if you feel you have an extremely valuable or large donation. If something that is donated to us is not appropriate for our warehouse, we will find a new home for the item. We would love to be able to keep everything, but that is just not possible.

To take advantage of the deal you will fill out the donation form and it will generate the link for discounted shipping. Call any organization that you are considering to find out if it is accepting your type of donation. It is usually a good idea to determine whether the charity can use your costumes before you drop them off. Sometimes dance keeps children active and in good health. Dance can also be used to keep children safe and off the streets. By contributing and donating our costumes we are influencing children’s lives.

If you have dance costumes that you no longer have any use for, donate them instead of throwing them away. Doing so can save space in your home and support a good cause at the same time. There are many different nonprofit organizations that will gladly accept your costume donations. Supporting the work of these charities will enable others to have the gift of dance, and will give you the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate. Over the years, after multiple recitals and competitions, I have collected an excessive amount of costumes in my closet and every one of those costumes had sentimental value and stories behind them.