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Rather than buying paper towels or Swiffer pads, you can use clothing rags. I also like to use rags for cleaning really gross stuff, like bathtubs, showers, flowers, or toilets. They also really come in handy when you’re mending old clothes or trying to stuff pillows . Not every nursing home resident has a caring family member to bring them clothing.

You can contact your local school district for donation dates, needs and instructions on how to participate. Most common clothing items are accepted, including men’s, women’s, and children’s items. All items must be in good condition — no torn or stained clothing.

For Days is a circular sustainable brand that makes sure the clothes won’t get thrown away. The money you spend on the take back bag also gets applied to your account, where you can later use it on For Days’ organic cotton streetwear. Many cities have textile recycling programs where they may even pick up your clothing. If you don’t need the rags, it’s possible that people in your community do!

The Vietnam Veterans of America is an organization dedicated to promoting and serving the needs of Vietnam War veterans through legislative initiatives, education and outreach programs. Should you donate your clothing to charity, a local community organization, the neighborhood Goodwill or somewhere else? And what’s the best way to contact these places and donate the clothing to them?

Donated to local charities through

You join the group of your local area so you can give right in your community. The group locations are super specific, and may cities are split up into multiple groups. An example of what NOT to do—people are basically using these donation bins as trash cans. I fully recognize that all of these alternatives are more effort than simply dropping off a bag of clothes, but I think we should take more responsibility for the items we bring into our closets. From gently used items, to financial gifts, to community collaborations… Just a little bit of creativity is all it takes to upcycle.

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Back-to-school season: Here’s a list of events happening in Central Florida.

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When you’re in need of somewhere quick and easy to donate your clothes, Goodwill Donation Xpress of Windermere is the place to go! This is not a store you’re able to shop in, since it is specifically there just to take in donations. All you have to do is pull up with the items you wish to donate, and someone will be there to accept your clothing or other items. Please keep in mind that Goodwill doesn’t accept all items. They accept gently used clothing, shoes, accessories, books, games, and more.

Nice Guy Movers is a family owned and operated Orlando moving company which is dedicated to providing customers with the service they want and deserve. They also equip them with the life and professional skills to transition into adulthood. Still, it’s a decent option if you don’t want to coordinate pickups. The Buy Nothing Project has Facebook groups across the world.


For the last 10 years and counting, One Heart has had the opportunity to help thousands of families overcome some of their struggles. From the homeless and hungry, to single parent families trying to make ends meet, we try to reach them and get them what they need. Even towels and bedding that are threadbare can have a second life as they are used for cleaning up, and recycling. Please consider donating furniture or hosting a Junk in the Trunk event.

  • There are definitely resellers on here, but I personally don’t mind it, as long the clothing will ultimately be used.
  • These centers usually accept clothing and also need menstrual products, shampoo, deodorant, and other personal care items.
  • You can also drop old clothes off at a GreenDrop donation center.
  • Goodwill is one of the most well-known places to donate used clothes (and tons of other things too!).
  • You can not only donate your clothes here, but it also functions as a food bank for those in need.
  • There are plenty of places that will be happy to accept your no longer needed or wanted items.

The Mustard Seed provides furniture pick-up for donors with large furniture items. We require a minimum $25 fee for pickup service to help offset our fuel costs. This organization helps everyone in need, and you can support them by donating your clothes or money, among a plethora of other ways.

This Food Bank also hosts a 16-week training program for culinary, which helps adults living in poverty get an education. If you want to go with a local dropoff, Nike isn’t a very sustainable brand, but they do have an athletic shoe recycling program, turning them into sports surfaces like basketball courts and tracks. Call your local Nike store to make sure they’re participating in the Reuse-A-Shoe program. If your underwear is in good condition, then you might want to give them away instead of recycling. For more info and orgs to donate to, I have a post about getting rid of undies, bras, and socks responsibly.