Where To Donate Cardboard Boxes

Where To Donate Cardboard Boxes most recycling

13 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes for Your Next Move

I you can’t keep all your boxes, I think selling them is the second best option if you have the time. You paid your movers quite a lot of money to move your items. You may have even given them a tip, so they may be happy to dispose of your boxes for you properly. If you have enough room in your house or have an empty basement, garage, or attic, store some of the boxes. If you move a lot for work, or any other reason, keep the boxes for the next move. Those boxes should be used in dry areas, as cardboard does not react well to moisture.

Don’t forget those community colleges and university offices either. There are a lot of boxes heading into the dorms on this day but you never really see them leaving. Most of these boxes are thrown out, and the students would be more than happy to see them find a new home instead. If there is more than one recycling center that buys used cardboard, visit the center with the highest buying price. To start the selling process, submit the size and quantity of your most common box size along with a picture of your inventory.

You can list any boxes that meet our minimum quality standards. You do not have to enter specifics of your boxes or think about pricing. To make listing simple, we maintain a list of box types and set default list prices to fair and competitive levels. These should be separated as they go through a different process for recycling. Pizza boxes that have been stained with grease should also be separated and placed in the trash as these cannot be recycled.

Liquor stores

There may be plenty of people who have just moved but simply haven’t advertised their free moving boxes yet. Trust us – in all likelihood, they would love to have someone take those boxes off their hands. By making your needs known to the public, you’re likely to find free boxes more quickly and efficiently than by searching various retailers and offices. Like with the liquor stores, bars are great spots to scout for free moving boxes, those with partitions in particular .

You can go in store and ask for a manager who can better tell you when shipments come in and if they are willing to hold some larger cardboard boxes for you. BoxCycle is one of the most diverse cardboard selling platforms. After listing your boxes for sale, BoxCycle will communicate with all potential buyers to sell your boxes. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid spending big bucks on moving boxes.

Note that it’s not totally necessary to remove packing tape or sticky labels before collapsing boxes, as these can easily be removed at recycling facilities. You can also post a sell offer to see if you can make a little extra money or save a little time by not calling each individual recycler. Ideally, all the cardboard you sell can be reused at least once more before the box reaches its maximum lifespan. When your cardboard isn’t salvageable, you can still sell it for cash to a recycler. You won’t earn as much, but it’s still money in your pocket. Let’s first start with where you can find old cardboard boxes.

Say goodbye to the landfill and hello to cardboard box recycling services.

While you can remove the tape or packaging labels yourself, most recycling centers will remove it themselves — so no need to worry about that. Connect with individuals and businesses no longer needing packaging materials to coordinate a pickup time and location. When checking these places ask for both unused phone books and cardboard boxes.

If your friends are no luck, then the next stop on your moving timeline is Craigslist. Go and search Craigslist for “free moving boxes near me.” Check out the free part of Craigslist and see what you can find. I like your suggestion to take the boxes to a local recycling center. I’m glad you suggested a responsible thing to do with the boxes afterwards.

All in all, saturated cardboard is difficult to recycle, so make it easier for these recycling facilities by only giving them the dry parts. You will have to see if there are any local recycling centers that may be interested. That would be your best bet since the cost of shipping them to elsewhere would just eat into any profit you ay have. Robert, I don’t know of any specific place in where you live to see used cardboard boxes.

The following is a list of places where you can find free moving boxes. A worm bin is a fun and easy way to recycle food scraps. All you need is a ventilated box with a lid, some compost, newspaper, shredded cardboard and worms.

There are two different ways to sell your Gaylord boxes through Container Exchanger. One way is to list your inventory with their “Sale Ads” feature. The second selling option is to comb the “Want Ads” to compare your inventory to the wants of a prospective buyer. Sell your old moving boxes on the U-Haul Box Exchange to other families that will be moving soon. You can also use the exchange to look for free boxes as some sellers will give their boxes away for free.

Before storing them, disassemble the boxes to save space and wrap them in plastic covers or bags to protect them from moisture and dust. Children can play with them, draw pictures on the sides, and get very creative. You can cut boxes in pieces, and make all kind of art-work. If you are very handy, you can make doll-houses, racetracks, and similar. But that’s not all; on the other side of the basement, we have boxes we used to carry many other household items. What are we talking about, 5 or 10 extra boxes to carry those books?

  • But not all waste management companies will accept additional materials that are left outside of the bin.
  • Unpack your merchandise from the box and obtain the prepaid shipping label.
  • You can cut boxes in pieces, and make all kind of art-work.
  • Your listed inventory must be a very conservative estimate of boxes you will have available in time for buyer’s appointment.
  • Attach the pre-paid shipping label provided to the box and ship as usual.

Look into plastic moving boxes, which can be purchased or rented so you can skip the cardboard altogether. Cardboard can easily be added to a compost pile and used for mulch and gardening. This goes for cardboard that’s gotten wet, too, provided the substance it came into contact with is edible . If you don’t compost at home, call up nearby farms or gardening centers and see if they’d be interested in your used cardboard.

As a final option, you can always take your cardboard to your local landfill. Not so they can bury it, but to do the work of selling it for cash. Padnos offers local, regional, national, and international buying opportunities as you can sell your cardboard directly to a paper mill. Your cardboard can sell at the spot or contractual price depending on the current market demand. Keep in mind that the more boxes you can sell at one time, the more you can make per box with specific buyers.