Where To Donate Books Houston

Donate books Friends of the Houston Public Library

“of quality donations of children’s books and … They also will take books in good condition (and the bookshelf they’re on, if you’re feeling minimalist). Click here to see if a Goodwill near you needs used books. Bring your new or gently used books to a local donation center, which you can find on the Goodwill website. I would like to donate books as well sell them since I want to get rid of them.

Some nonprofits spend a great deal on things other than the cause they support. Who might want the Funk and Wagnell’s yearbooks of important events from each year from 1970 to 2005 or so? They are in perfect condition with purple binding and gold edges. I also have the set of 1970 encyclopedias that they yearbooks match but the information wold be way outdated. If you could help me and send them to me, I will be grateful. I have my mother’s old textbooks from nursing school.

Star of Hope Mission

And while some soldiers request specific tomes, others are open to anything, so go ahead and send your collection of used books. The Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation’s Ladies for Literacy Guild holds an annual book drive in March. Used book donations for this event may be given to the Friends of Houston Public Library Book Warehouse. This thrift shop helps support individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.

Your donations to their resale shop help support their initiatives. They accept a wide range of donations during regular business hours. DonationTown.org will help you find just the right home for your used book donations. Used book donations can also go to a school library or your local city or county library. Some charities have developed literacy programs worldwide and will send your used book donations to help the less fortunate in every corner of globe. Your book donations can also help stock the libraries in prisons and juvenile detention facilities.

Keep in mind that quality, gently-used books will always be most appreciated. And consider sorting your books prior to donating. They are often conveniently located and you can find a drop-off location near you on their site. This charity helps women navigate society after incarceration. Their programs provide rehabilitation, job training, wardrobe assistance, and much more.

Instead of throwing out your old books or recycling them, donate them so they can be read and enjoyed again. More Than Words makes donating easy – it’s a one-stop shop for your unwanted books and clothes. If you’re visiting one of their stores, simply pull up in one of their dedicated parking spots and leave your donation outside their door. They also have a number of donation container locations. Visit your local library’s website for specific details on how and where to donate books, plus whether there are any restrictions on the books you can drop off.

They honestly don’t do much ‘good will’ at all. I much prefer to donate to local charities, clothing missions, etc, that take donated items and give them away for free to the needy in my community. I donated several thousand a few years back to a local thrift store, that runs on the smell of an oily rag. No-one gets paid, it’s not fancy, it’s not all done-up and really does rely on people being kind.

They often spend their own money to provide a variety of reading materials in their classrooms. Most of these organizations are good suggestions, but please do not donate to Salvation Army. Additionally, most of their money does not actually go towards their charity work but instead towards lobbying for their political beliefs. Prison Book Program is a grassroots organization that exists for one purpose—to send free books to prisoners. In addition to the work they do, they also keep a current list of local organizations doing the same thing.Find their list here.