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And every day, as a writer for UCHealth, Kati meets inspiring people, learns about life-saving technology, and gets to know the amazing people who are saving lives each day. Even better, she gets to share their stories with the world. On Friday, April 23, the UCHealth Garth England Mobile Blood Bus will be outside All Star Cleaning Services, Smith’s business at 120 W. Saturn Drive, Fort Collins, for a mobile blood drive in Juno’s honor.

  • Although Juno won’t directly benefit from the donations — all blood donations made through the mobile drive will help people in northern Colorado.
  • Your donation will help ensure an adequate supply for both children and adults who are patients within Lee Health.
  • The entire life-saving process takes approximately 45 minutes.
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In almost all cases, medications will not disqualify you as a blood donor. Your eligibility will be based upon the reason that the medication was prescribed. As long as the condition is under control and you are healthy, blood donation is usually permitted.

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She will continue chemotherapy treatments through the end of 2021. “She remembers everything we talk about, asks questions … the kid should have an honorary medical degree,” her mother boasted. Juno Smith was diagnosed with leukemia at 8 and a half years old.

For 15 months, Smith and Juno’s father took turns staying in Denver for 3-day shifts with Juno while she received treatments in the hospital. The blood used for patient care has to be continuously replenished to maintain a constant blood supply. Meet some of the patients whose lives are changed by your donation. This comes at a time when national blood banks also are experiencing critically low supplies and will only be able to help local facilities in emergencies. After donation, donors are encouraged to rest 10 minutes before leaving and grab a snack.

Donate life-saving whole blood for trauma patients – UCHealth Today

Donate life-saving whole blood for trauma patients.

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Officials expect this shortage to last for weeks or even months in what could be the most challenging summer blood centers have seen in years. The American Red Cross estimates the demand for red blood cells from hospitals with trauma centers has climbed 10% this year across the country. Just a single pint of blood can help save the lives of several people.

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Please fill out a reminder postcard for your next appointment. When you enter the Garth Englund donation site, staff members will guide you through the process and answer your questions. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep prior to donating, and try to schedule before or several hours after exercising. Fortunately, for Maher, there was plenty of blood on hand when she needed it. Needles and bags used to collect blood are used only once and discarded, which makes spread of infection to the donor not possible.

Pat Ferrier is a senior reporter covering business, health care and growth issues in Northern Colorado. Contact her at Please support her work and that of other Coloradoan journalists by purchasing a subscription today. Eat a well-balanced meal within four hours leading up to your donation appointment. Avoid fatty foods as they may affect the blood you donate.

Plasma is really needed for quite a number of uses, such as treatments for immune disorders. Help ensure that adequate supplies of blood are available for you, your family, and others in our community. Following registration, you will answer simple medical history questions and receive a mini-physical. You will then be seated in a comfortable chair while you donate.