Where Can You Donate Halloween Candy

Where Can You Donate Halloween Candy

Giving it out to little people in costumes, keeping it around to snack on at the office, or taking your fair share of the loot from Trick-or-Treating with your kids. But let’s be honest, after about a week of having all that candy lying around, it gets excessive. That’s why each year we ask people to donate their candy to our Treats for Troops program. We take those calories off your hands and save you from the endless negotiations from your kids around how many pieces of candy they can have throughout the day.

Each of the teams is unique in terms of eligibility requirements and the type of support they provide. Our Veteran Support Program assists veterans through a variety of different programs, including providing assistance at VA Hospitals across the country. Even if you heard from a friend or neighbor that a particular location is accepting candy, do call first.

Donate Halloween Candy to Help Treat Our Troops

One of the most effective and hands-on NGOs, Operation Gratitude helps in collecting the leftover candies and redistributing them. If you are stuck with leftover Halloween Candy post the weekend fun, we have curated a list of places where you can donate the extra sugar treats and help sweeten someone else’s day. Ask your local service organizations – The VFW/American Legion/Kiwanis/Lions/Rotary etc. – to help with shipping costs! Soldiers’ Angels is committed to being financially transparent and fiscally responsible.

This year’s suggested collection dates are November 1st through 9th, but use whatever dates that work best for you. Many find giving families multiple days to drop off candy will lead to more candy being donated. Most communities have local places where you can donate excess Halloween candy. Contact your local food pantries and ask if they can use it.

  • Just $25 pays for groceries for one week for a family of four.
  • MASH Pantry and Resource Center is collecting Halloween candy to give to veterans on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of November & December (10 – noon).
  • The Switch Witch is a witch that needs candy to heat her home and she comes and switches out Halloween candy for a small toy.
  • Learn how craft breweries of all sizes can brew their support for troops and veterans.
  • So it gets put on clearance sale to make room on the shelves for Christmas candy.
  • Libraries often have programs for young children, and they can use candy as rewards or prizes.

Urban Ministries of Durham offers food, shelter and a future for about 6,000 people each year through a variety of programs. The agency will be updating its holiday giving page soon to offer other seasonal donation ideas to help those it serves, including children. Families with too much candy after Halloween can donate excess candy to support a good cause. Kids may even earn buyback prizes for their generosity and families will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation.

Where can I donate Halloween candy in Canada?

These kids did not have an opportunity to trick or treat in their neighborhood. So instead you can help bring the trick or treating to them. It uses Mobile Classroom RVs to meet students in their community for after-school tutoring and meals. On top of candy donations, it also welcomes monetary, school supply and book donations. This organization is ready to receive your candy donations — they distribute candy on Halloween, Christmas and Easter to troops …

Ronald McDonald Houses provide a home away from home for families with children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. They accept candy donations year-round, but they especially appreciate them during the holidays! The candy is given to families staying at Ronald McDonald Houses or Ronald McDonald Family Rooms. You can check to see if there is a Ronald McDonald House near you and learn more about how to donate here. Contact your local chapter to find out about donating leftover Halloween candy. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to troops and includes a handful of candy in each box they send.

It’s also seeking donations of time and money to support its mission. Businesses and organizations can register to become a collection site for candy. Your collection dates should be any time immediately following Halloween. The program is an excellent way for businesses to engage local communities and support the military. While there is no universal candy donation program, many locations accept donations of unopened candy for the families it’s helping after Halloween.

The goal is to remove excess candy from kids while supporting the military and local businesses. There are numerous organizations that collect candy donations to send to deployed service members, like Operation Gratitude and Soldiers’ Angels. These groups will often have specific guidelines for what types of candy can be donated, so be sure to check before sending anything.

If you have any leftover candy after Halloween, why not save it for next year? Giving out your own leftover candy is a great way to make sure that no one goes without on Halloween. For some kids letting go of their precious candy can be so hard. The Switch Witch is a witch that needs candy to heat her home and she comes and switches out Halloween candy for a small toy. Another program where one can donate their candies is Halloween Candy Buy Back program. For Larger donations (1+ pallets), please contact us and we might be able to help arrange shipping from our shipping partners.

Operation Gratitude’s Halloween candy give-back program connects communities with the military, veterans and first responders. The candy is distributed worldwide to deployed troops, local military units, veterans and first responders as a sweet way to say thank you for serving. The United Service Organizations provide morale-boosting programs and services to members of the military and their families. One way you can support the USO is by donating your Halloween candy! The organization has collection boxes in select locations – you can find one near you here. Run by Soldier’s Angels, this program allows you to send sweets to soldiers.

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Hershey tamps down scare about Halloween candy.

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Kids might think there’s no such thing as too many sweets, but as a parent, you know that sometimes, that bag full of sugar might be too much for your little one. We’ve got you covered with all the great places where you can donate Halloween candy. You can find participating businesses by typing your zip code into the website linked. There are a lot of places you can donate your Halloween candy near you. The Ronald McDonald House of Durham serves families of critically ill children at Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham and WakeMed in Raleigh. Right now, paper towels, Pop Tarts, instant grits, dried fruit, kitchen towels and large plastic kitchen storage containers are critical needs.


Corporate sponsors and their employees give back to veterans by hosting events at VA’s across the country through Soldiers’ Angels Home of the Brave. Soldiers’ Angels is ready to help you through your deployment with morale-boosting support and much-needed supplies. The Halloween Candy Give-Back Program has been connecting communities with Military and First Responder Heroes each fall since 2007.