Where Can You Donate Car Seats

Car Seat Recycling Program Colorado Department of Transportation

Most charities don’t accept used car seats because of liability issues. So, before you hand your child’s outgrown car seat to anyone else, you need to make sure it’s safe to use. While donating a car seat is a great idea in theory, car seats are much harder to donate than other baby items because of safety issues. If you do find that the car seat is expired or it’s been in a moderate to severe car crash, there are still things you can do. Some big-box stores usually hold car seat trade-in events throughout the year.

Another great program is the Target trade-in event. Target has been accepting car seats for recycling since 2016, and to date have recycled half a million car seats! Through its trade-in recycling programs, Target has recycled over 11.9 million pounds of plastic.


For children of age 4-10 years, convertible or booster car seats i.e. Either your car seat never met any serious accident, still, the minor accidents and the frequent use of it could make it unsafe for the next user. Some car seat manufacturers have the replacement option after it gets broken or injured in a car crash. An expired car seat is the obvious indicator of its uselessness.

Finally, you could just carry your baby in your arms. This might not be the most comfortable option for long periods, but it is an option if you dont have anything else available. We are only open for donations on specific contactless drop off dates. Please check the top of the page for scheduled dates. We are located at 2939 Kingsway in Vancouver, BC. Second, every stroller is suitable for a specific age.

Where is the safest seat in the car?

Target.com, ebay.com, and Goodbuygear.com. You can post an online ad if you want to sell your used stroller. Most car seats have a little wear and tear. If there are any broken pieces, you may need to recycle or dispose of the car seat. Small flaws can be all it takes to make the seat defective.

  • I am discovering first-hand how quickly the items I have for Elle are outgrown.
  • All straps, tethers, coverings, buckles, handles, stickers and accessories are intact and original to the seat.
  • Throw all of these items in the trash, as they are not recyclable.
  • Car seats are the most effective way to save lives; they reduce the risk of death by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers ages 1 to 4.

The only situation where you can put your car seats in the recycling bin is where you have separated the different materials used to make the car seat. This way, you can put the ones that are considered recyclable inside the recycling bin. The rest that is not recyclable can be upcycled for different things around the home or disposed of in the waste bin if they wont serve any useful purpose. For Mel Kirkpatrick, 25 years of storing her children’s old car seats is a small price to pay for disposing of them responsibly. Theres no one right way to do this, but ultimately, your goal should be to dismantle the car seat to the point where a baby or child couldnt ride in it.

Where to sell used strollers?

Our purpose in the household donations program is to raise funds for our mission of supporting veterans, states their website. Therefore, cost-benefit decisions need to be made. The program helps assist all veterans along with their families and has been going strong since 1979.

You’ve sorted out what you want to donate and what you want to keep. Most organizations and groups accept gently used items, so inspect each item for any major flaws before you decide it’s going in the donate pile. That means ensuring nothing is broken, chipped, damaged, or ripped.