Where Can I Donate Sperm For Money

How to Get Paid to Donate Sperm and the Best Sperm Clinics that Pay

Donating 1-2 times per week, donors earn an average of $4000 in 6 months. Almost no sperm banks or fertility clinics accept donors who have the intent of going through the process only once. Instead, most want a commitment in terms of frequency of visits (weekly or twice-weekly) and time (1-year contracts are common). Although sperm banks and fertility clinics all have slightly different policies in terms of sperm donor qualifications, almost all require that you be younger than 40 years old.

Once you’ve decided on the sperm bank of your choice, you can register and set up a screening process. The process is relatively simple, but you must be ready to make sure that you have enough time to give to the center for regular screening, check-up, and donations. A healthy male between the ages of 18 and 39 years who is at least 5′ 7” and is not a smoker, or a heavy drinker may be allowed to donate. Producing quality semen with a high sperm count isn’t an easy thing.

What are the requirements for donating sperm?

The money factor also depends upon the quality of your sperm. If sperm count is more then you will be paid more and they will ask you to come back again. Not everyone can be a sperm donor because for being a sperm donor your sperm count must be high.

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If your specimens have a very low sperm count making them unusable then you won’t get paid for them. During the duration of your contract you’re likely to undergo regular health checkups to make sure your health is great and that you haven’t developed or contracted any diseases. Basically, if you make enough specimens twice a week, so donating 8 times a month, you’ll be making up to $1,500 per month. The FDA requires sperm to be frozen for 6 months and the donor to be retested before the sperm is available for sale. Expect to be tested for STDs and to submit blood, urine, and semen samples.

#5. Donate Eggs

A history that suggests the presence of a hereditary disease might disqualify you from donating sperm. A blood sample will be analyzed to see if you’re a carrier of any genetic conditions. Ask individual sperm banks which tests they perform, as some banks conduct more-extensive testing than others. Most sperm banks require donors to be between the ages of 18 and 39.

  • As with all pregnancy and birth, there are health risks throughout the process.
  • But if you do qualify, it’s a great way to not only help someone but to earn a little extra cash as well.
  • Donors earn $100 for each donation ($70 at the time of donation, and $30 when the sample is released).
  • The donated sperm is used to fertilize an egg inside a woman.
  • So, even those who choose to be anonymous might receive a surprising knock on the door or phone call down the line.

Damage caused by the freezing process can also differ among samples from the same donor. You’ll provide a semen sample in a sterile cup through masturbation in a private room. You’ll be asked to share detailed information about your personal habits, education, hobbies and interests.

In case you’re not accepted by one sperm bank, it doesn’t mean that the others will automatically reject you. Also, they do not accept your sperm if you have already donated to another bank or clinic. You can donate your sperm, and if you’re interested in making some money out of it, there are options for that as well. I’m sure you’ve come across the idea of sperm donation on any popular sitcom that people typically watch. Money Done Right has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products.

You might also be asked to provide pictures or videos of yourself or audio recordings of your voice. Sarah Gehrke is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas. Although the sperm bank will not reveal your details, if mothers and children find you out, they might try to contact you and your family. Sperm banks, clinics, or cryobanks are fertility centers that help people deal with their reproductive issues. So you’ve donated your first specimen and you’re ready to make money selling sperm? Getting plenty of tests for free isn’t the worst thing after all.