Where Can I Donate Plastic Cutlery Near Me

Can I recycle stainless steel cutlery? updated August 2022

You might contact your church to see what they can use. I live in Oklahoma and when there is a natural disaster all churches are in need of a lot of items that most people have and don’t use, such as those hotel size bottles of shampoo and soaps. So I’m done with hoarding the plastics that we set aside when ordering takeout. With all of the food delivery I’ve done, I’ve amassed a lot of plastic cutlery. Since I try to be more conscious of my plastic usage and since plastic utensils can’t be recycled, I was wondering if anyone knew of a place I could donate that would accept it.

If you’re getting rid of clothes, thrift shops like Le Point Value and nonprofits like The Bowery Mission are natural places to donate. Many of the city’s Greenmarkets also have textile donation bins through the GrowNYC program, and will accept paired shoes, handbags, and belts as well. Materials for the Arts also accepts rolls and large pieces of fabric. ReCreate is taking donations again, by appointment only! Click on the green “Make an Appointment” to reserve a time to drop off.

  • We take ours on vacation and use instead of the silverware that comes in the condo.
  • Any cardboard or paper sleeves can be recycled separately.
  • The shelter I donate to is always appreciative of these items.

Especially since Covid hit and all of our restaurant dining has been done with takeout, even when we tell them to include no silverware they always seem to. So many sets sitting around that we’d love to not throw in the garbage. If your city or town has a Senior center that serves lunch, donate unopened condiments. These places are on a budget and any useable things like that will be less that they need to buy. Lately I have been removing them from the take out bag and not taking them, especially if I am eating the food at home.

Some items are simply not safe to resell, such as used infant car seats that may have been involved in an accident. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for supporting Goodwill Houston. Can you donate, gift, or recycle 2,018 items out of your house this year? The average American household has 300,000 items in it- who needs that much?

Aluminum, lead, iron, steel, copper, silver and gold are easily recycled when they are not mixed with other elements. They melt and change shape or adapt the same shape as before, greatly reducing production costs and environmental impact. Tateh Lehbib is a Sahrawi refugee who knows a lot about recycling plastic. He studied Renewable Energies thanks to a scholarship from UNHCR and, after finishing his studies, he decided to return to the Saharawi refugee camps with an idea in mind. You can view a full list of what can and can’t be recycled here .

L.A. wants your leftover takeout utensils and sauce packets. Here’s where to donate them

I donate plastic silverware and extra dishes in general to women’s shelters. Women and their children often leave home with no time to gather things they will need in a new home. The shelter I donate to is always appreciative of these items. And don’t forget unwanted clothing, especially for teenagers of both sexes.

No box trucks or trailer loads of yard debris are accepted at this site. Send in your cell phone , they send you a check for its worth, or donate a slightly higher amount to the charity of your choice. For every phone they receive, they plant a tree. The Department of Sanitation will also pick up electronics you’re discarding, but you need to first make an appointment. NYC Books Through Bars mails books directly to incarcerated individuals who make requests for them.

Stash a few meals worth of plastic cutlery & napkins in a ziplock back in your car glove box for eating on the road. She is a teacher and takes her lunch to school everyday. Some of it she uses and the rest she puts in the teachers room for others to use. Does anyone know of an organization that can use donated unopened plastic utensils from drive-through restaurants? Even when we tell them that we don’t want the utensils, we often find them in our bag anyway. We keep them in a box that we take on vacation to our time-share and use them there.

If you are near the Haight DM me and I’ll come pick up whatever you have for now. Return to restaurant or contact any organization that regularly feeds people,…World Central Kitchen, homeless shelters/day time drop-in shelters. Got a pandemic’s worth of takeout utensils taking up space in your kitchen? The city is collecting them to use to help feed homeless and low-income people.

Ask yourself if you would feel comfortable giving it to a friend or family member. All items must be clean, fully functioning and in good condition. View the complete DONATE STUFF list of acceptable items. Plastic cutlery I use to dish out pet food for our cats. I also use the containers when I make big batches of food, as a storage container in the freezer.

Household item donations are truly appreciated by the charities that are registered with DonationTown.org. Denver Recycles asks residents to make sure that bottles, jars, pie tins, and other containers are empty before putting them in with your recycling. Containers do not need to be completely free of all food residue. Thicker food residue in containers, like peanut butter jars, might need a little more rinsing or even a wiping out of the food residue. As long as containers are empty and free of most food residue they are acceptable for recycling.

Occasionally you may find bioplastic utensils which may be labeled as compostable. Technically, these utensils may be compostable but they most likely would require a commercial composting facility in order to successfully biodegrade in a reasonable timeframe. Currently there are no options for individuals to drop off compostable utensils for commercial composting in the Pittsburgh area that we are aware of. Reimagined Recycling is a local program that collects rigid #2 and #5 plastics to be shredded and turned into raw materials to be made into new plastic items. Visit one of theBatteries Plus Bulbs Stores throughout the Valley to drop off electronics donations.CLICK HEREfor locations.

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If you’ve got an old bed or other pieces of furniture to get rid of, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore will take just about everything in that category. They have a long list of items they accept, which includes refrigerators, fans, mirrors, toilets, stoves, window air conditioners, and windows. (The organization uses two all-electric trucks for its pick-ups instead of regular, greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles.) Housing Works will also take furniture. Scrap and metal recycling has become both an environmental and economic necessity. Please DO NOT leave items at our door when we are not there, it is considered illegal dumping, and our neighbors don’t like it. Due to budgetary constraints, we are not able to provide any pick-ups.

Extra plastic ware that’s individually wrapped can be donated to food banks. Also I substitute teach and teachers always need extra plastic ware in the teachers lounge. When doing this mission don’t forget to check your car and get rid of any of these types of items from there. For me every time my family gets take out I end up using my own silverware (I prefer to use the real stuff!) but I end up saving all these forks, knives, and sporks. Schedule a donation pickup online with our easy to use scheduling form.