Where Can I Donate Piano Music Books

Where Can I Donate Piano Music Books We have tried to give

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Lynch adds that the auction site you select and the item description can affect how much you can get for your sheet music, as can the time of year and day. Summer is slow on eBay, for example, while Sunday nights are often prime on the popular auction site. Note that several of these vintage sheet music examples have historical significance or were autographed or owned by a famous performer. Scroll down to find out how much the sheet music under your piano bench is worth . Often we get a list of donated recordings, with many things on that list are not donated.

Teen hits a sweet note with new music library – Claremont Courier

Teen hits a sweet note with new music library.

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An out-of-tune piano is probably not going to make people shy away from your donation. But make sure you let them know if your piano is more “out of tune” than it is “in tune”. When you first purchased your piano, the idea sounded like music to your ears. Sheet music is a handwritten or printed form of musical notation that uses musical symbols to indicate the pitches, rhythms, or chords of a song or instrumental musical piece. Please include with your donation your full name and the address where you’d like this receipt sent. Lynch said great sheet music rarities go beyond the rarities that typically get promoted in the worlds of stamps, coins, and even baseball cards.

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The Magic Music Foundation is willing to accept donations of pianos and other instruments to ensure we reach all students, teachers, and organizations most in need. Every nonprofit, charity, church or school is going to have different criteria for piano donations. Although we can’t go into all of them in this article, we can give you a pretty good idea of whether contacting potential recipients would be a good idea or a waste of time.

We have a volunteer-run used bookstore in our town. They’ll take anything and everything (except “old” college textbooks and encyclopedias). So there is a section for music books and sheet music in the store.

We have tried to give them to other libraries and archives without success. DO NOT ASK US FOR RECOMMENDATIONS OF WHERE TO DONATE CLASSIC RECORDINGS. This includes all formats — vinyl LPs, seven + twelve-inch singles, ten-inch LPs + singles, CDs, 8-tracks, paper + plastic discs, picture discs and one-of-a kind or rare cassettes. And corporations — usually through the donation of a large focused group of recordings and a monetary commitment to grow and sustain the material. Don’t expect to get a lot for them, and don’t assume your piano keys are ivory.

When you reach out to local groups, it may be harder for a music teacher or local group to move the piano on their own. You can give most of what you want to the MAGIC MUSIC FOUNDATION by visiting its fundraising department online. Sell different kinds, the best way to sell your sheet music online is by creating a PDF file.

  • Though most sheet music sells for between $3 and $15, some can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Trash and recycling services may take pianos if you call ahead of time.
  • However, this could include having to transport the piano yourself to the recycling facility.
  • In some cases, local music stores will purchase surplus sheet music and resell it on the open market.

You’ll need to check with your tax preparer and make sure you get a receipt. The main things to watch out for are the value of your piano and where you donate it to. The truth is, there’s not much to a piano that’s worth it in terms of raw materials. – The vast majority of old pianos won’t be worth much at all. – Habitat for Humanity will accept pianos in most cases.

Be forewarned that a lot of online scammers claim to sell rare vintage sheet music, but they’re actually selling sheet music that’s abundant or otherwise not desirable. Artwork – many sheet music collectors collect based on cover art. Donating your piano directly to a church, low-income program or school probably won’t result in a tax deduction. The only way to receive a tax deduction for your donation is to donate your piano to a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization known by the government as a 501. A majority of donations to the Magic Music Foundation come from around the United States.

There aren’t uncommonly large pieces of sheet music on websites that can sell for $10 or less. Corporations that are nonprofits.Schools.A social group for people.Atorvastatinred retirement homes.Center for recreation and recreation centers.Clubs that offer charitable services.Program offerings after school. All paper clips, rubber bands, and other foreign objects can be taken out of the shredder. To strengthen the fold, use reversible heat-setting tissue or Japanese paper and wheat paste if you need to repair tears.

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Create different versions of your sheets of music to sell on line The best way to sell sheet music online is to create a PDF file. You can select the file type that’s most suitable for your client. You may also add a section dedicated to full song books. We want to be able to circulate music among approximately 1.2 million items.

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For example, some collectors prefer sheet music for the covers while others prefer to buy them out. As a nationwide junk removal service with a network of locally-based junk haulers (referred to as “Loaders”), LoadUp offers faster, more affordable services for customers across the country. With piano disposal and general junk removal rates at 20-30% less than average, LoadUp offers a cheaper service without compromising on quality or professionalism.

If for no other reason than that, sheet music usually sells for $100 or less for an entire lot of 25 to 30 pieces online. If after assessing your piano, you’ve discovered that it just doesn’t qualify for donation, then recycling your piano might be the best option for you. ”, it’s important to decide whether or not you want to take a tax deduction for your donation.