Where Can I Donate Old Sheets And Towels

Where Can I Donate Old Sheets And Towels But you can also organize

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Put them in a textiles bank provided by charities like Oxfam, The Salvation Army and Scope. We will provide you with an itemized receipt of your donations for tax purposes. To help estimate the value of your donation you can check out theSalvation Army Guide, IRS Guide orGoodwill Valuation Guide. One company that offers this type of recycling is TerraCycle. To have your towels recycled by this company, you’ll need to purchase one of their “Zero Waste Boxes,” fill it up and then mail in your items. Many churches run outreach programs helping the less fortunate.

Almost any housing shelter in your community will be thankful for a donation. If your sheets are still in good condition (and you still like them!), make them into curtains. A printed cotton topsheet would be an easy and lovely way to cover your windows. Charities like Oxfam, Save The Children, Barnado’s, Age Concern and Cancer Research have chains of high street shops.

  • But you can also organize a pickup where they come to your home if that’s more convenient for you.
  • If you have old bedding that you no longer use, there are many charities that will accept it.
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  • Pillows and duvets due to hygiene reasons (unless new & unused) should be placed in the general waste bin.

We recently took stock of our linen closet and realized that half of the storage space was taken up by sheet sets and towels that we simply don’t use. Some are very old and worn out and some just never seem to make it into our weekly linen rotation. Of course we didn’t want to throw them out, so it got us thinking about recycling options. Any donation however small can make a difference to the animals at the centre. However, if your used towels are in terrible condition, recycling or throwing them away is the best option.

Donate Gently Used Towels and Sheets to Shelters

If you want to donate old sheets or other linens, find a drop-off location, schedule a free pick-up or head to your nearest Salvation Army Thrift Store. You can donate old linens, old blankets and bath towels to one of your local charities, such as Goodwill so long as they are in decent condition. You do need to make sure your sheets and towels are in good shape though as they will need to often sell them. Animal shelters are another great place to donate old bedding.

Where to Donate and Recycle Bedding and Used Towels

The number of donation drop-offs will be limited each day so we can follow social distancing and sanitizing guidelines. Please sign up here, or learn more about our new process here. While you can recycle old towels and other fabrics, it’s a unique process. Use them as packing material – If you’ll be moving anytime soon or know anyone who will, you can use your old towels as packing material. Wrapping a towel around a breakable item before packing it is a great way to keep it safe. Goodwill will only accept towels that are rip and stain-free and are in good condition.

These organizations are more than happy to take used bedding, but they aren’t always able to take the items. You can contact local animal shelters and see if there are any local shelters in your area. If you are unsure of where to donate your old bed linens, try calling Goodwill in your area. Then there’s the Salvation Army, which accepts various household goods, including bedspreads, blankets, curtains, pillows, towels and rugs.

All sheets, towels, and other bed linens should be clean and in good condition. Household Goods is a foundation based only in Massachusetts. Most people keep old sheets and towels for as long as possible so as not to waste them. When it comes to these items, remember that one man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure so think twice before you just throw them away.

Place the blanket pad underneath the sheet cover and fit to the ironing board. Your sheets and towels donations can support those people in need to build a home. Since towels are a necessity for any person or family getting back on their feet, you’ll find that most homeless shelters accept donations of these items. To find out if your local animal shelter needs towels, visit their website or give them a call. Before donating your old bedding, you should first consider where to donate it.